DIY : Top three tips by experts to get the chimney ready for fall

The days are quickly getting shorter and winter is quickly setting in. The temperature is going down, days are getting chilly and fall is right around the corner. For homeowners, getting their chimney ready for the season is one of the most biggest worries. The chimney is a great home for the birds and animals. However, getting these birds and animals in your home means that when you use your chimney you might either kill the birds or animals or hurt your home and chimney in doing so.

Chimney check up along with repair, makes sure that your chimney is ready for the use and gives you optimal performance. Here are a few tips by the experts of chimney repair in Southampton to keep your chimney in the perfect use:

Have your chimney swept and inspected

A homeowner with chimney needs to get the chimney inspected regularly to ensure that it will keep on working well. During the sweep, the expert chimney technician will clear the buildup of debris or creosote. This build up of creosote can lead to a chimney fire and can even cause the smoke go back in the house. The chimney would also be inspected for cracks, malfunction and damage.

Capping the chimney

Another thing that needs to be done after the thorough inspection is the capping of the chimney. The cap will ensure that the leaves and the snow does not fall in the chimney and damage it. The cap makes sure that the water does not go down in the flue and effect the working of the chimney. The cap keeps the debris and animals out. The cap ensures that the embers do not fly out of the chimney and cause damage to your home ad the property. The cap fits snugly over the chimney and protects it from all kinds of elements.

Address repairs

If your chimney repair in Southampton brings forward any kind of damage, make sure you address them and get them repaired immediately. If not taken care of, the chimney repair will only worsen with the change of season and can even affect you home and its foundations.

Don’t overlook the house maintenance and chimney repair. Contact King Siding and Gutters. They are the leading roofing and chimney installation in Southampton with experience of more than 10 years.


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