DIY : Top Things You Need To Know Before Refinishing Hardwood Installation

With hardwood flooring back in style, it’s the best time to get your floors refinishing with its best.

Refinished hardwood floors are one of the floorings that is made by fusing various layers of hardwood together. But before you choose to get the refinishing done, knowing what to expect from your refinishing project is the key to move ahead.

The average home with the hardwood flooring will need the refinishing after every 10+ years. After a significant duration, the floor areas with higher traffic get worn out, torn off, and scratched. Furthermore, there is a type of hardwood oak flooring that gets damaged by floodwaters and needs to be refinished.

If you are also planning to get your hardwood flooring refinished, here are the top things you need to know.

1. Get to know what hardwood flooring refinishing is-

If you are planning to get refinishing hardwood installation, get to what refinishing is. There are two types of refinishing the hardwood floors. Firstly, you can do it with buffing that includes use of buffing tool, which involves no use of tools like drum sander or heave machines. Another way to refinish your floors is by using water based or polyurethane floor finish.

2. Research the top flooring refinishing contractors

Hardwood floor refinishing cannot be done by the DIY methods. We recommend that it is best to hire experts for these purposes.

To hire the best one, take out a proper research and ensure that he is proficient in the refinishing skills.

3. Here is how you can hire the ideal refinishing professional

Once you have selected the top contractors, plan to interview them. Ask them their experience and take a look on their previous references. Make sure that the hardwood professional you hire is licensed and insured, and every important detail is mentioned in the contract.

Also before you assign them the job, ensure that you have the quote not the estimate. Moreover, you should also talk to them about your role in the entire refinishing hardwood installation job. Furthermore once the contractor is hired, they might expect them you to move; make sure you confirm these things with the vendor too.

4. Why you have to vacate during hardwood refinishing job

If your refinishing tasks are quite extensive, you will have to move because-

· Furniture will have to be moved here and there.

· There will be lots of dust and dirt in your surroundings.

· Odors from the flooring stains can remain in your room for several days.

· Though the sealing might take 24 hours of sealing, it takes many weeks to get the treatment to cure.

Remember that the refinishing of floors can take three to six days.

5. What to do if you plan to stay?

If you plan to stay while the hardwood-refinishing job is done in your rooms, make sure that your room is fully cleared before you start the job.

You have to be quite strategic about moving from room to room. The equipment used in refinishing floors is quite noisy; stains are often applied in two coats, so it isbest to plan the whole process.

6. What should you do after the refinishing is done?

Once the refinishing is done, take time to inspect the entire job. Make note of issues, if any and don’t hesitate to talk to your contractor regarding this.

Now when you know the top things, some of the question you need to ask yourself are- do your floors even require refinishing hardwood installation? How long the process will take? And should you hire a professional or not?

If you want the refinished services to its best, hire a professional to get the incredible hardwood refinishing results.


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