DIY : Top Benefits of Marble Countertops No One Knows About

If you are planning on getting a new countertop for your kitchen, then choosing between the various options to select just one will be an uphill task. It just gets too difficult choosing between carrara marble London, quartz, laminates, and granite. Carrara marble worktops and granite are cut from natural stone while laminate and quartz are manufactured.

Of these the one countertop which stands out happens to be bianco carrara marble worktop. Marble is widely recognized for its unmistakable elegance and helps in giving any house a complete makeover.

Formation of Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock. Thus, it is first formed in sedimentary form as limestone or dolomite. After being subject to extreme heat and pressure, it finally takes the shape of Carrara marble London. The changes in it are formed by the impurities present in limestone or dolomite. When subject to severe heat and pressure, the impurities crystallize. As the stone contains carbonate, white is the purest form which is formed.

Easy to Locate

Granite and quartz are not easy to find. In fact, because of the difficulty in finding them, their installation can get delayed which in turn increases the cost overheads. Carrara marble worktop and Bianco Carrara marble worktop on the other hand are easy to find. They are available all around the globe with most stone yards and fabricators having surplus stock. It is because of this that you can walk into any stone yard and come out with a marble slab for installation in your kitchen.

Use as Countertops

Carrara marble has been used as a countertop in London and surrounding areas for a significant amount of time. It was first used in for making stone carvings and gradually found its way into the kitchens of modern homes.

Bianco Carrara marble can used both as painted and unpainted worktops according to home designers.

Advantages of Marble Worktops

Design Functionalities — Carrara marble London is easier to cut and work with in comparison to other worktops made from other stones. It also provides better workability for making fancy edges and providing extra fabrication.

Aesthetic Beauty — This is one of the biggest selling points for Carrara marble worktops. It is loved by a vast majority of people for its pristine white color. It gets rather impossible to find another stone which can mimic the white brightness of marble. Even though quartz, granite and soapstone are available in shades of white, they do not dazzle as much as marble.

Withstands Heat — Bianco Carrara marble worktops can handle heat quite well. If a hot pan is dropped onto it, it is able to withstand that head. However, at the same time it is highly recommended not to place a pot which has been just removed from the stove. Such liberties can be taken with stones such as granite and quartz.

Long Lasting — Marble is known as a soft stone and yet it lasts a significant amount of time. It is also porous but is able to do its job. However, if you are looking for more dense alternatives you should consider taking a look at quartz or granite.


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