DIY : Top 10 states with the happiest and least happy homeowners insurance policyholders

Post below first appeared on the Clearsurance blog:

Customers’ experiences determine the level of satisfaction with a company and insurance is no different. However, where a customer lives matters, too. Based on the average #Clearsurance score of homeowners insurance carriers by Clearsurance users in each state, we have determined which U.S. states have the happiest homeowners insurance policyholders who are the most satisfied with their company and which states are the least happy. Clearsurance scores are based on users’ ratings of their overall experience with the insurer, its service, their likelihood to renew, and their likelihood to recommend their insurer to a friend. The highest possible score is 5.0.

The happiness level of insurance customers can depend on a number of factors. For example, the customer service and claims handling process of an insurance company can affect policyholders’ satisfaction with their insurer. Another factor that can affect a customers’ level of satisfaction is the price they pay to insure their home and if they feel it is a fair price. While price is relative, consistent rate increases can also lead to consumers being less satisfied with their insurance company.

Learn more about the results and visit the complete lists here on the blog.


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