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A perfect bathtub is the cherry on top of a close-to-perfect bathroom. Have a seat and browse through our selection of the Top 10 Italian bathtubs!

You may argue that having a bathtub is not indispensable, and we totally agree. However, very few things can beat the pleasure of soaking in a tub filled of fragrant water, surrounded by clouds of soft bubbles. Especially considering we tend to live quite busy and frenetic lives, taking a couple of hours to forget about deadlines is in fact a pretty necessary luxury that’s easily affordable, if compared to — say, flying to the Maldives for the weekend. Moreover, it’s one thing when you’re living by yourself, but what if you have a family and are responsible for other people besides yourself? In that case, a couple of hours to treat yourself are something you actually need: we are not in the optimal conditions to take care of anybody else, if we don’t take care of ourselves first.

“Bath 101”: Neutra

Kora, by Kreoo

Let’s take a minute to look at this greige bathtub by Kreoo, shall we? The surface seems gray at a first glance, but then we quickly realize that, without that subtle tinge of beige, this bathtub would look colder; still amazingly beautiful in its smooth round shape, but less welcoming. A bathtub covered in greige marble veins is meant to give you the feeling of diving into an undisturbed natural pool; you’ll have the chance to leave your everyday reality to discover a new world — at least until all the bubbles have disappeared.

Kreoo brings the natural world into your bathroom

Beyond, by Glass 1989

Clean and essential, the Beyond bathtub by Glass 1989 combines high technical quality, aesthetics and ergonomics. A (half-)sunken bathtub that is guaranteed to make you feel instantly relaxed! You can rest assured your water will always be maintained at the perfect temperature, thanks to the isolating materials. Moreover, it is an intimate tub, but still not too tiny: it can contain water enough to allow you to bath both solo and in company. Should you choose a half-sunken tub? The answer is “yes”, if you want to enjoy a bathtub that takes up the space of a sunken tub, while providing the aesthetics of a beautifully curved freestanding model. Plus, thanks to the new SkinSublime technology, millions of oxygen-rich micro-bubbles that are 50 to 100 times smaller than those in traditional whirlpool baths disperse through the tub like a delicate milk bath, softly embracing your body with a silky touch, leaving the skin fresh, clean and rejuvenated.

Class and style, with Glass 1989

Aqua, by Relax design

This bathtub certainly hasn’t been designed with a shy person in mind! If you happen to be sharing the bathroom with someone you’re not perfectly comfortable around, then maybe Aqua is not for you. However, it is an excellent choice for you if a) deep down inside you’re a bit of a show-off and you love the idea of dancing in your tub like Dita Von Teese does in her signature Martini glass, or b) if your bathroom is not huge. In fact, a basically transparent bathtub is going to look like it doesn’t take up almost any space at all, which is a blessing if you’re bathroom is not very spacious.

Simply breathtaking! Explore more by Relax Design

Ufo 2002, by Agape

A modern classic by now, the Ufo 2002 by Agape is definitely what you need if you’re looking for a unique, original tub you can be reasonably sure nobody else has. Apart from being designed like a futuristic UFO, this tub should be your go-to choice if you already know having a bath is going to be more of a social gathering than an individual experience. The UFO tub allows you to have two or three more people to keep you company. Just remember to keep the Cosmos — or Champagne, if you’re feeling romantic — at hand!

UFO is one of Agape’s signature bathtubs

Bolla, by Hafro

There are no words that could do justice to the purity of this design. Clean and essential, the Bolla bathtub combines high technical quality, aesthetics and ergonomics. A sunken bathtub that is guaranteed to make you feel instantly relaxed! Not only is it equipped with two comfy headrests, but you can rest assured your water will always be maintained at the perfect temperature, thanks to the electronic system. Moreover it is a huge tub that can contain water enough to allow you to bath both solo and in company. Should you choose a sunken tub? The answer is “yes”, provided you have enough space: a sunken tub will make the room look wider anyway, plus, you’ll only have the inner surface to take care of.

A cozy, relaxing oasis by Hafro

My Style, by Makro

The My Style by Makro is the perfect solution if you have a small bathroom but don’t want to give up taking a nice bath from time to time. Why? Well, look at all those nooks and open shelves! My Style allows you to store anything you need for a bath, like towels, essential oils, salts, and so on. But you can actually store other items you normally use. This way, this freestanding tub does its best to make up for the space it occupies on the bathroom floor.

You’ll fall in love with Makro!

Muse, by Zucchetti — Kos

There are two main advantages to the Muse bathtub by Kos. First of all, just look at it: it’s basically a work of art! Having such an artistic, sculptural piece in your bathroom is going to work wonders for style and ambiance. Secondly, notice how the Muse is a bit more of a soaking tub and less of an actual bathtub. It’s therefore a good choice, again, for a small bathroom: it’s going to take up less space than the average tub, but you’re still going to enjoy the feeling of having your body caressed by water. Plus, its generous ergonomics make it ideal for long pampering sessions.

A work of art in your bathroom, by Zucchetti — Kos

Rétro tubs by Bleu Provence

Do you prefer a more classical look, when it comes to bathtubs? Then just any of the traditional clawfoot tubs by Bleu Provence will do. This brand offers you a wide range of colors too, which allows you to choose the hue that best suits the rest of your bathroom design.

Classic, rétro looks with Bleu Provence

Minimal tubs by MOMA Design

If you prefer a sleek, essential look, aka the polar opposite of a classic tub, then you should explore the creations of MOMA Design. Perfectly minimal and essential, their tubs are going to add peace and tranquillity to your bathroom.

Clean, essential lines with MOMA Design

Flower, by Glass Design

This is quite clearly another soaking tub. Again, it’s just an ideal choice because it combines functionality and design in a way very few tubs can. Moreover, the matte black outer surface creates a sophisticated but sober look you will never get tired of.

Elegant but also cute: Glass Design


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