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Doors made of glass or with glass elements become more and more popular. You can easily find them in modern interiors. Such products look original and novel. They are not afraid of high temperatures and moisture; do not interfere with the penetration of light into the rooms.

Glass is a universal material that harmoniously combines with any design of the room. How to choose a suitable model you can read in our previous articles. And here we will examine how to properly care for glazed doors.

A little about glass surfaces care & maintenance

Many owners of such products have a wrong opinion on how to care for such products. The usual wipe of the surface with a duster is not enough. After all, there are situations when a thorough cleaning is required because of severe pollution. However, do not abuse the frequent washing of the glass surface.

Care for glazed doors is carried out depending on the type of glass. There are several most common types.

Ordinary glass. If your door is made using ordinary transparent and smooth glass, then apply the appropriate cleanser. Alternatively, you can resort to the dishwashing detergents. They remove the greasy spots that appear because of the touch of fingers, etc.

Do not use any products containing abrasives! They scratch the surface, so they are not suitable for this type of material.

Decorated / matte. Such types of glazed doors can only be washed with a mild soapy solution. Use damp cloth, not dripping wet. Too damp cloths will damage the glass surface.

Stained glass. Multicolored stained glass is manufactured using special technologies. They require special care, so you should familiarize yourself with the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Tips on how to clean doors with glass inserts

The Doors Depot team will provide you some with useful tips on how to keep glazed doors clean.

  • Use special detergents for washing glass surfaces. Quite often they contain ammonia spirit in their composition; it easily removes greasy stains.
  • Do not use abrasive agents or rigid fabrics to remove severe contaminations. Remember that glass is afraid of contact with hard particles, which can damage its surface.
  • Use a soft sponge or cloth for glazed doors maintenance.
  • Do not rub surfaces to avoid their damaging.

Extra TIP!
Domestic cleanser can replace purchased detergents. Mix a small amount of ammonia spirit with water and wipe the glass. It will shine like new.

Do not forget about periodic care

Carry out preventive measures for glazed doors with and/or glass inserts every now and then. It is a guarantee of long lasting service life of such products.

1. Clean the glass with a damp cloth. Avoid using fabrics that contain large fibers. They can flake off and stick to a glass surface or a protective film.

2. Another method of maintenance is to apply special cleaning agents to the surface using spray diffuser. After you have applied them, wipe the surface with a dry cloth.

It is recommended to maintain glass doors once a week.

Do not forget that not only the door surface needs care and cleaning. Very often the owners forget to clean and wipe the metal handles and hinges. For their cleaning, use non-aggressive detergents and soft cloths. The hinges must be regularly lubricated with special lubricants to avoid creaking and wear.

Glass doors will not lose their attractiveness and will function properly and long if you regularly wipe and clean them.

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