DIY : Tips for Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance and Uses – Rony Kumar – Medium

Vacuum cleaning of the floor can be a tedious job if you don’t have good knowledge about the device and you have no idea how you can get maximum result from your vacuum machine. You must ask for demo session to learn basic operational from the company personnel. To get optimum result from your vacuum cleaning device you should remember following tips.

  1. Check Vacuum Bags Regularly: If you have a vacuum cleaner which requires consumable bags to collect the dust into it than you should check the bag before the beginning of the vacuuming. Always use new paper bags as the old bags pore size may get blocked. Due to blocked pore size vacuum motor may get overheat and damaged.

2. Avoid Picking Larger Objects: Don’t try to pick larger or sharped object at these objects may get stuck in the vacuum hose.

3. Clean the Filter of Vacuum Cleaner: Many vacuum cleaners have a filter like HEPA to clean outgoing air by trapping dust and other pollutants such as PM 2.5, Smoke, and Bacteria’s etc. You should clean this filter at regular intervals to speed up the process of vacuuming.

4. Use the Right Attachment: A vacuum cleaner comes with a number of attachments. By using correct attachment you can ease you vacuum cleaning job. For example, for cleaning hard floor and upholstery you need different attachments for a comfortable and speedy process.

5. Repeat Vacuuming Multiple Times: Don’t believe that a strong and one-time suction power is enough to clean the surface perfectly. You need to go over the single area multiple times to get efficient cleaning.

6. Handle with Care! : A vacuum cleaner is just an electronic device so don’t treat it so hard. Using unnecessary force over machine may damage the device. Especially all the connected wire may get disconnect the power if it is pulled forcefully.

7. Don’t use on Wet Floor: If your vacuum cleaner has not been built for work in wet floor condition then you must avoid to use it. Generally, a vacuum cleaner is used to clean only dust from the floor, so don’t try to use it on a wet surface.

So with a little care and easy maintenance, you can make your cleaning tool more effective and durable. Use the above-given tips to extend the life of your cleaning friend.


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