What’s the Big Deal with Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses have become a movement surrounding the most efficient uses of space in less than 500 square feet of home. The goal is to allow for a home with all the regular amenities packaged into a few hundred square feet.

Photo by @alexis_mccurdy

The movement holds sustainable building practices, simple living, and financial prudence. It seeks to embody the whole “I want to just move away from the big city” by typically being located on remote pieces of land or better yet, on wheels. Often times tiny houses are found in small communities, sharing in the experience of simple living.

Photo by @indieefox

With the average home in Canada being built coming in at roughly 2,000 sqft the idea of cramming everything inside of a 500 sqft tiny home might sound impossible. The solution is utilizing every single centimeter of the home as storage or living space. You will not find any wasted space in a tiny home.

Photos by @littlebittyadventures & @wanderingonwheels

Pictured above are two examples of space saving solutions used in tiny homes. Typically beds are found elevated with staircases or ladders that also serve as important storage. In both images the stairs have storage underneath in the form of cabinets or cubbies. This is common in tiny homes and eliminates the wasted space under staircases that usually occurs in traditional homes. Photo by @handcraftedmovement

This effort to create the most efficient square footage has spawned a slew of architecture styles that cater to the tiny home mantra of efficiency and style. This movement has gained enough traction that companies have began creating prefabricated tiny mobile homes. Common architectural styling for these homes can be described as rustic A-Frames or more modern industrial.

Photos by @alexserns and @mattsteindl

The tiny home movement has caught on so drastically that they have begun selling tiny home material kits on amazon. However, be wary when browsing your dream getaway tiny home online. Without seeing a tiny home in person you might not appreciate just how small 170 sqft is.

If you are serious about joining the tiny home movement, you can easily find a contractor on Bench.Dog that has tried and true testimonials and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. With the viral nature of tiny homes you have to be careful when choosing a contractor, but when you find a good one treat them nice because they will be your “go to” for years to come. Make sure you choose someone with experience and a solid track record. Even see what kind of work they have done in your area previously by looking at the Bench.Dog projects map! Happy tiny house livin’!


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