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Tile shopping, not an everyday shopping thing, requires a knack to choose the perfect tile for the perfect place in your house. AGL is here with a few tips that can guide you through this task of tile selection for elevating the beauty of your house. Read further to get the best tile shopping tips by the best tile manufacturer in India.

When you are planning to go for tile selection and purchase, there are numerous things that need attention and cannot be ignored. Well, you are not used to buying such stuff and so, there are chances that you might miss out on some factors and regret later.

AGL, being the top tile manufacturer in India, has brought a series of tips that can help you select better tiles with an apt theme that suits your vision. So, it is helpful if you consider these tips while going for tile shopping so that you can get that perfect tile and give your home the envisioned look.

· Tile location

The first step for tile selection is to whether you are choosing the bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles or bedroom tiles.The location plays the most important role as each area of the house gives a different feel that the tile needs to match. Say, for example, kitchen needs a fresh look while bedroom appeals to be soothing and calm. So, note the first step as to what rooms are you choosing the tile for.

· Colors and patterns

Color is of importance as it appeals the entire feel of the room in which you are going to place the tiles. You can go with the colors that can suit the theme and type of the room you are going for. You can go for simple and subtle colors for the bedroom and livelier ones for the living room. You can even apply certain patterns and textures to make it look more modern and different.

· Rates and grades

You need to see all the rates before buying the tiles rather than just concentrating on the look and feel of the tiles. This can affect the strength and look of the room as well. The grades range from class I to V, depending on the foot traffic. So select the tiles depending upon how much foot traffic it is going to have. In addition to this, you need to consider various rates such as water absorption rate, slip resistance rate, etc. to get the best possible look and results.

· Precise quantity

After studying everything you need to focus on the quantity that you are ordering. Depending on the dimensions of the tile and area of the room, the quantities may differ. So, order only precise amount of tiles such that you save money and don’t have to waste the remaining tiles as well.


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