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Gone are the days when pest control meant entailing ant traps and harsh chemicals when you had to leave your home for around a week while your home sweet home is encased in a giant plastic bag. Well, technology has advanced and come a long way since then. Now is the time to get rid of the stereotypical image of residential pest control.

So, here we are to break all the stereotypes and enlighten you with all the new hacks to eliminate the pests from your house completely-

  1. Termites

We almost always consider that when termites are discovered, our homes are doomed. There are now so many effective treatments to save the day! Pest control experts now do not even have to hunt down the termite colonies with harmful chemicals. There are natural baits available that draw the termites out of the homes. The baits are more often delicious food for the termites. So when the termites come out of their colonies in search of food, they fall prey to the traps. This eventually leads to the whole colony coming out of their hidden shelters to feed on the baits.

This way the entire colony is wiped out at once. Thus using the natural behavior of termites to eliminate them is an effective way without having to use any harsh steps that are also detrimental to the ones living in the house.

2. Bed Bugs

It is very easy to fret out when we hear bed bugs! It sure does send everyone living in the house in panic. As thought in the past- THROW AWAY EVERYTHING, this shouldn’t be the case now with so many effective residential pest control services available just around the corner. One of the weird but impactful methods which these pest control services use nowadays is to turn your house into a heat chamber. Bed bugs are known to be resistant to chemical treatment. So, turning the heat up to around 120 degrees without affecting any other single element in your house can absolutely do the job. It is a safe though weird method to get your house bed bug ridden!

3. Ants

An ant descending in the kitchen is nothing new for any of us! The sweet smell of most of the eatables in the containers in the kitchen sure is irresistible for the ants. But how many of you would want them to take a dip in anything sweet you have in the kitchen. Here’s what we turned up to eliminate the ants from your kitchen for once and for all. Ants mark a pheromone trail from the food to the nest whenever they discover food. The other ants smell with their antennae and follow the trail. Now here’s the catch! There are certain botanical scents that interfere with the scent trails of the ants. For instance, peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, clove essential oil etc. You can easily make a spray with these oils and spray around the entry points for the ants.

4. Rodents

Have you heard about Integrated Pest management system? Here the pest control service strategizes a customized plan that suits with the environment of your house. A thorough inspection of the house followed by placing traps in locations that are safe for children and pets is what the management system is all about. The technicians then make sure that they regularly inspect and check the house and even reset the equipment when required. The house is made rodent-proof completely to prevent new rodents from coming in.

Once you find rodents making a nest in your home, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of them. It is high time to get in contact with a residential pest control service, when you start hearing noises of scratching chewing or even notice droppings on the floors.

Choose a service that keeps the communication and documentation convenient-One which takes out time and effort for a dedicated pest removal service.


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