DIY : The Reason Why Most Homebuyers Choose Multi-Storey Flats

The Reason Why Most Homebuyers Choose Multi-Storey Flats

Multiple-storey flats or properties that offer plenty of lifestyle amenities, parking space and plush luxury are highly sought after by home seekers or buyers. As the name implies, multi-storey flats are the ones that span across multiple floors or levels and where residents share each floor with other apartment units. A usual multi-storey flat or high-rise edifice of it can have about five to eight floors or more. Right from the top of such kind of a flat, you can get picturesque views of a metropolis.

Costs of multi-storey flats can cater to high-income and middle-class people. Generally, they are affordable than one that is classified as a Builder Floor Apartment. That one is a low-rise building, which spans only 2 to 4 floors, with each one being an independent house. Builder Floor housings are single and self-contained floor units that offer greater spaces at a higher expense than multi-storey ones. Apparently, homeowners get to access high-end amenities that a multi-storey property offers.

Trinity Builders and Developers offers plenty of multiple-storey flats in Kochi city with state of the art facilities. The Trinity World project, for one, offers ready to occupy flats in Kakkanad and all of them are set in high-rise towers. They include a swimming pool, health club, indoor games, and so forth. Depending on the available common area, there could be more features in a multi-storey flat. Some of them are gated communities, a property with round the clock security, surveillance cams, and intercom facility. All occupants in such kind of a residential property share the security benefits or features.

Apart from the amenities that contribute to lifestyle, homebuyers also favor multi-storey properties for the normal and secured community life. Some high-rises of Trinity Builders also have a senior citizens corner, where elderly members can fit in with other community members. Apart from affordability, that is another one reason why homebuyers opt to live in a flat set in a high-rise.

What’s more, if you get to live in a busy residential area and close to your workplace, that could be advantageous for your commute. Think of the ready to occupy flats in Kakkanad, the IT heartland of Cochin and home to several multinational companies. The closer you are to your home, the convenient your travels will be, and that could lower your conveyance expenses of course.


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