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From some of the impressive Spanish baroque theater to world class artworks of Australia and vivacious venues, there are plethora of options to explore and experience in the city of Newcastle. It is located merely two-hour drive from north of Sydney, Newcastle is the biggest and popular city for producing some of the successful stories including the sculptor and painter William Dobell and Rock Band Silver-chair. With over 6000 artworks, the Newcastle Art Galleries are the abode to some of the finest collection in NSW and this includes the impressive collection of Aboriginal Bark Paintings, finest portraits and the Dobell’s Portraits of Strapper and many more.

Cooks Hill Gallery

This is the art gallery that is acclaimed for its wide array of collectible paintings, ceramic pieces and sculptures which are put together along with the colonial impressionism and the contemporary period which can found on the walls and exhibit spaces in this gallery is revamped into cottage style gallery. It conducts monthly inhabitations that showcase the quality of work by some of the professional artists from Hunter region and others.

Newcastle City Hall

Established in the year 1929, the Newcastle City Hall is the most prestigious and one of the unique Newcastle Art Galleries that features awe-inspiring and charming architecture including the marble staircases, sandstone pillars and walls, sweeping ballrooms and clock tower which are the reminiscent of the long-gone era. It was first established as the Council Administration building and chambers and today it is used for a several social gatherings, art exhibitions, civic receptions, community gatherings. It has the best concert hall, upper gallery and stage which are frequently used by the locale for hosting a wide range of commercial and community programs, art exhibitions, dignitaries and community forums.

Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Art Gallery is known for housing some of the best public art collection in NSW and it is considered to be the most visited Newcastle Art Galleries outside Sydney. The art gallery is filled with many non-indigenous and indigenous artworks and impression collection of arts that provides comprehensive overview of the artworks from colonial times to the present time and this includes the biggest collection of the contemporary Japanese ceramic in the Southern Hemisphere. The Newcastle Art Gallery also runs full time events and programs in support of different art exhibitions and it also plays a crucial role in promoting cultural life of NSW and the Hunter region. It also hosts different dynamic public programs which include guided tours, workshops, seminars, lecturers, film screenings and public events. This art gallery hosts around 17 exhibitions annually and the exhibition draws both public and private collection of international and national importance.

The Lock-Up

This is the most significant heritage building in and it boasts the multidisciplinary modern arts space and inner city hub for creative doing and thinking. The building has dedicated space for art gallery that houses the rare heritage listed cells and also has installation and event spaces within the campus. It is open since 2007.


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