DIY : The Best Routine To Follow For Wooden Deck Care & Maintenance In 2018 & Forever


22 May, 2018

Being carefree is all that one wants in their lifetime. But when it comes to house maintenance, your peace is at the stake of getting hampered. Imagine if your wooden deck could have a voice for one day, you’ll be devastated to know what all tortures it has to deal with. All the vulnerabilities may seem to cease if you’re a good care taker of your house that involves deck stain and sealer services often. After all why shouldn’t you? It’s your house and any damage will ultimately lead to losing more money! Surely, you don’t like extra investment on trivial things.

Here’s the routine that you must follow in order to keep it sound and healthy all around the year:

1. Sweep! Sweep!

The purpose is to keep the floor off the dust. Accumulation of dirt will invite contamination of wood faster. It’s an advice that you should not place flower pots on the wood itself. Water leakage and soil will trap dust and wet ground becomes a thriving surface for insects. All these reasons indicate for regular cleaning and sweeping of the floor in order to maintain sanity. This follows in case of snow fall as well. Don’t let the deck remain covered in snow or else it’ll stay wet for longer time that eventually reduces wood’s strength.

2. Professional Servicing

The outdoor weather changes in a zap! In the morning, when it was raining, you might witness a bright sun in the afternoon. Wondered, what this does to the deck? From water collection on platform to exposure to high degrees UV rays in a day, it signals to poor health of the wood. Wood paint, on the other hand, can save you to protect it from water seeping in and reflecting back sunlight.

3. Beautify your deck

There’s a reason, why a shining front of your house attracts positivity. With a clean outdoor, your guests form a great impression. Also, you stay motivated to keep it clean. For a better outlook, always choose a wood finish which compliments rest of the house and its paint.

This 3-step routine is a shortest and simplest way to get everything on point. You don’t have to invest a lot of dollars on the maintenance yet, you’ll be able to extend the health and life years of the wood more than average. Now, wear your hat and get going with the first step!

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