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Stylish and fashionable white double doors have a lot of advantages. They are easy to use and add aesthetics to the facade of the house. A large width of the passage to the house is one of the important preferences. Such doors allow you to easily carry in large-sized items, and provide free access to two people at a time. In this article, together with the, we will discuss the benefits and peculiarities of such products.

Advantages and disadvantages of double entrance doors

Generally the white double entrance doors have no specific drawbacks. The presence of the second leaf does not affect their technical characteristics. Problems can be caused by the quality of their production, but this depends on the choice of the manufacturer. The main difficulty in the installation is a large weight. You will have to choose the proper door with a lot of hinges for correct operation. Also, you must observe the high accuracy of installation, both of the door and the frame. Otherwise, inaccurate installation can lead to distortions and to the incorrect operation of the product in future. Mostly, these are the main difficulties to be confronted with.

Athens Double Entry Door

Now consider the advantages of white double front doors. The main point has already been mentioned — it’s easy to use. There are other benefits.

  • Ideal solution for non-standard doorways. Most often, such products are made to order. Owing to this, accuracy is achieved by fitting the door to the existing doorway.
  • Spectacular look. Such models are designed to emphasize the status of their owner. Ordering such a product at The Doors Depot, you can be sure to rivet attention of your guests on your door.
  • Attractive design. One leaf is made in standard sizes, and the second one is adjusted according to the first leaf.
  • Reliability. Taking into account their resistance to burglary such models are more reliable. The single-leaf door, installed in a wide wall opening (which was previously decreased) will not provide complete security due to the weak points of the construction, where the opening was decreased.

In addition to the advantages quoted, we can mention a wide variety of designs and decoration. The models available in the modern market are not only a reliable home protection, but also an interesting and original solution for decorating the facade and interior of the house.

White entrance doors: a winning solution in any situation

Why choose white double entry doors? They have a unique design that is characterized by:

  • lightness;
  • visual space expansion;
  • versatility;
  • practicality.

In conditions of limited space and small rooms, white color is the most successful solution. It gives the room liveliness, lightness, airiness, and does not make the area “heavier”. If you choose white entrance doors, you visually add space to any room. This is achieved due to the characteristics of the color itself. This is of current importance if you combine it with light-colored interior or exterior.

The versatility of the white double entry doors allows them to perfectly fit into any space. They are neutral and perfectly combined with different colors in the interior. If the leaf has no decorative elements, then it doesn’t have any connection to a certain style. And this means that you can easily install such a door in a room of any style and design.

As for practicality, many owners are careful of the white doors installation. They believe the dirt, fingerprints and other dirtying would be visible on the surface. However, this concerns the homes with small children living in. With proper care, such models are even more practical — dust is less noticeable on the light surface than on dark surfaces.

The current white double front doors are the stylish and most versatile choice for the home. Their assortment is truly huge, and you can easily find a suitable model at The Doors Depot. We offer you an excellent selection of interesting white double entrance doors in any style. Owing to the simplicity and clear design, they are gaining more and more popularity. So be in fashion!


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