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Kilim Rugs Are The Perfect For Home Decor — ABC Rug

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are a type of Oriental rug with a difference. These decorative rugs are flat woven without any pile. The absence of a pile is their main distinguishing feature. These designer rugs are not thick and plush like most other types of oriental rugs for sale. Instead, they are thin and can feel coarse to the touch. These ABC rug techniques commonly used in Turkey (Anatolia and Thrace), as well as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, North Africa, Central Asia, China, the Balkans and the Caucasus.

Kilim Rugs Weaving Details

Kilim rugs weaving dates back to ancient times, to the eighth and ninth centuries CE and possibly earlier. Turkish Kilim rugs had many uses in the home, including use as prayer rugs and dowry items. Kilim rugs served as art and self-expression for the people who made them by hand. Kilim rugs online weavers used genuine wool, as well as natural dyes. These decorative rugs patterns and colors told stories and made each kilim rug unique. There are five types of patterns such as animal, plants, geometric, symbolic (emotions and natural events), and mixed (a combination of symbols.) Working with these motifs, the artist could make an endless variety of colors and patterns.

Kilim Rugs Weaving Techniques

There are also many different techniques for flat-weaving. ABC rug which is flat-woven are not knotted and thus have no pile. Rather, the pattern is developed by using wefts of different colors. Wefts are interlaced with warp threads and changed out for whichever color is required. Flatweaves are often called kilims, or plain weaves, which are really specific subsets of the flat weave. Perhaps the simplest is the weft-faced plain weave. The warp threads are placed in the usual way, but the dyed weft threads are woven in such a way that they create blocks of a single color.

These designer rugs for sale are usually reversible because the weaving technique permits the patterns and colors to be the same on either side. The flat-woven rugs online were commonly used because producing flat-woven rugs used less labor and materials than producing knotted pile ABC rugs. Because they do not have a pile, they have a different look and feel. They also can be used in many ways, including wall hangings, bench coverings, and bags.

Kilim Rugs Benefits

A flat weave rug has other advantages. They are reasonably priced compared to hand-knotted rugs online. The wide variety in styles and colors make these rugs for sale suitable for any setting, whether traditional or modern. They are lightweight so that they can be easily moved or folded up when not in use. They are also easy to clean, and usually reversible.

Things To Consider Before Buying

How can you determine a high-quality kilim rug? Check properly if it is handmade and also look at materials which used. Generally, wool, silk, cotton wool and goat’s hair may be used in a high-quality ABC rug. The use of natural dyes is important. Colors produced by natural dyes will fade slowly and beautifully. When buying a kilim rug, then always ask about the rug when and where was made. After this, you will find out about the region and the design of the kilim rug. An experienced rug manufacturer will be able to discuss the background of a kilim rug.

Best Use Of Kilim Rugs

Whether you choose to place your kilim on the floor or hang it on the wall, it represents the beauty and romance of its history, as well as the artistic creation and stories of its maker. Look for an ABC rug that is well-made and will suit your decor, but also choose the one you fall in love with. If you have any queries regarding buying a kilim rug, then please consult with one of our experts here at ABC rug.

Where To Buy Kilim Rugs

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