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Keep your plumbing up to date this summer with our list of maintenance tips. Whether you want to maintain your sprinkler system, update your pipes, or find new ways to save money on your water bill, Henrik Plumbing has an informative list of tips for summer plumbing maintenance. If you have appliances in need of upgrades and are looking for a repipe specialist in Orange, contact the Henrik team today to get started with a diagnoses and estimate. Make sure all your water features and indoor plumbing appliances are working like new, so you and your family can beat the summer heat!

Checking Bathroom Appliances When Kids are Home

It’s summertime, so your kids are probably home more than usual. This means that your appliances are going to be used more frequently than during the school year. Frequent use could lead to a wearing down of your pipes and a stronger likelihood that they could be damaged or clogged. Clogged pipes during the summer can be a difficult and expensive experience, so make sure to keep your pipes up to date all year long with a qualified repipe specialist in Orange.

The Sprinkler System

Whether you’re just trying to keep your lawn hydrated, or you are using them to cool off during high heats, sprinklers are vital components to any well-kept lawn. Avoid mid-summer leaks by checking for any cracks, leaks or even rust on all your sprinklers. Be diligent in checking for new cracks throughout the summer, as sprinklers are used more frequently to hydrate in the extreme heat. Also, be careful when mowing your lawn, and avoid running into or mowing over sprinkler heads.

Be Careful When Planting

Gardening is a popular summertime activity and a lot of wonderful and delicious plants bloom in higher temperatures. However, you should use caution when digging in your yard to plant produce, trees or flower plants, as the piping for all your water features runs underground. Accidentally digging your shovel into a pipe may cause it to burst and may lead to expensive repairs. If you notice a crack or leak anywhere in your piping system, call Henrik Plumbing today to speak with a qualified repipe specialist in Orange. Another reason to plant with care is to avoid problems in the future. Planting a tree this summer may not impact your piping system, but as the tree begins to grow, so will its roots. Those roots can damage your pipes if the tree is planted too close to the underground system, and over time they are likely to crack and burst from the plant growth. Protect your pipes this summer, and for all summers to come by picking gardening sites away from major pipelines.

The Water Heater

If you have a water heater hooked up to your household appliances, make sure that the tank is intact. Damages could lead to a heating malfunction that would still cost you money in utilities. Be mindful of when you don’t need to use your water heater as well. Save money by turning down the temperature on your water heater for all three months, or just when you’re out of town and won’t be needing hot water.

Other Appliance Pipe Checks

Just as your bathrooms will be experiencing more wear during the summer, your washing machine and dishwasher will also be working overtime. Avoid a midsummer mishap by checking the pipes and structural integrity of your necessary appliances. If you notice a crack, leak or rust, contact a repipe specialist in Orange immediately, as this damage could be detrimental. Keep your water features up to date and running like new when you call Henrik Plumbing and schedule a consultation and estimate with a qualified specialist today!


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