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With drones peeking into our daily lives and living spaces so close together, privacy is hard to come by these days.

A Brisbane inventor, who wanted to help his son stop the prying eyes of an apartment resident who had a direct line of sight onto his balcony, has created a block out screen to make life more private.

Bob Brown said his son was tired of feeling under scrutiny whenever he sat outside. “The neighbour opposite his apartment could see everything he did while outside,” Bob said.

“Because my son was renting, he could not put up a permanent screen or blinds or use other options because it breached body corporate bylaws.”

“It was getting to the point where he did not want to go outside.”

This ex marketing specialist put pen to paper to come up with an option that would keep body corporates and landlords happy.

Bob’s solution — the Lookout Screen — is a portable retractable solution for a modern-day problem.

“Instead of having to drill and affix the screen to a wall, the Lookout Screen uses clamps that fit railings, balconies, fences or panels. It doesn’t need nuts or bolts. You do not need to be Tim the Toolman to set it up,” he said.

“It can be used to shield a balcony or courtyard without upsetting the landlord or the body corporate.

“And it is affordable privacy and shade that moves with the person.”

Bob said with the urban sprawl growing and more and more people living on top of each other, the need for privacy is craved. “You only need to look around at the outskirts of most capital cities to see townhouse complexes sprouting everywhere,” he said.

“They are so close together, that is feels like you are sharing with 30 or 40 other people. No one wants to go out to their balcony knowing the next-door neighbour is watching everything you do.

“We all have a right to privacy. This was my way of giving people peace of mind and the space to have peace.”


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