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“The kitchen is the heart of every home, for the most part. It evokes memories of your family history” (Debi Mazar). Whether you have a big-kitchen or a small-kitchen, you will certainly have memories attached to it. You usually prioritize kitchen more than other rooms as obviously cooking is needed thrice in a day and you have to feed yourself and the family; therefore, decorating your kitchen creatively is your major need.

Here, we can help you to design a kitchen layout. But first you have to determine which kind of kitchen you are looking for? Do you have

· Paris Kitchen

· Blue Kitchen

· A modern Finish

· Cozy Kitchen or any other

Don’t forget to design a kitchen layout according to your desires but stay focused and work as a strategic planner. When prep space in kitchen is no longer than a closet, even one person may feel like consuming too much space. So, if you are facing any décor-related issues that you want to apply in your small kitchen but cannot, you can use following kitchen design advices:

Efficient use of wall:

One of the best way of kitchen design ideas 2018 is to use your kitchen’s wall efficiently. Stuck small pot racks on wall if you have a small kitchen. You don’t have to place large pot racks, hanging from the ceiling that consume extra space. You can also use wall magnets. Another way can be to add subway tiles that can help space feel wider. You can also add small accessories that won’t make you out of space. You can paint a 3-D painting on the wall so it may give a glimpse of roomy kitchen.

Brighten up your kitchen:

If your kitchen design contains dark theme, then bright up your walls with a fresh coat of paint in a light shade. It is said that whiter is brighter so make it mostly white and then add some colors accordingly. Similarly you can also add following ways to enhance your kitchen design:

· Replace your outdated lights

· Bathe the room in a tone-on-tone palette

· Add LED strip lights

· Brighten the work area

· Remodel your kitchen cabinet design

Multipurpose Furniture:

Kitchen designs like multipurpose space with obligatory furniture items that can easily be stored out of the way, can be created. It may include:

· Backless stools that can tuck away

· Roll-out tables

You still have to keep checking that all things are placed properly and perfectly. Since it’s a small kitchen you can even remodel kitchen cabinet design that can hold more products while consuming less space. For this purpose, you can even use modern technology. Similarly you can also add open kitchen cabinets since below closed cabinets can be helpful for those items that you don’t want to show.

Create Space and store things:

For additional storage, you can add a row of narrow shelves. Keep your utensils, bowls or mugs by colors so everything looks cohesive. Additional spaces in corners and over a counter can be filled to utilize the spaces. Even if you have got space between cabinets and ceiling, it’s a storage. Simply keep less-used items by placing a wicker basket there. You have to analyze your space strategically and use it at maximum. Instead of buying big equipment, go for smaller ones that can be suitable for you and easily adjustable.

Declutter your Kitchen:

Clutter usually consume more space in small kitchen while there are no prominent benefits. Check your kitchen cabinets and drawers and take out all the unnecessary things that have not been used for a while. While designing a kitchen layout, don’t think of keeping those spacious things that only looks attractive but have no expedient purpose. Instead use those things that would not take much space and give eye-catching kitchen layout.

These are some tips of kitchen design ideas 2018 that can help you to decor a small kitchen layout.


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