DIY : Services You Can Expect From A Residential Architect


We have all heard and learnt about architects but still have a distorted knowledge of their field of work. Read this article to learn about their work and what you can expect from them.

Are you planning to build a new home? One of the most vital things you want to check is whether you have hired a efficient residential architect or not. A residential architect is that person who is going to execute the tough task among the several others needed to add true colours to your dream; the dream of building your own house.

Residential architects are those professionals who possess the creativity to design your home and the ability to coordinate with contractors, builders, surveyors and others.

To understand the field of work of a residential architect, you first need to understand the difference between a residential architect and an architectural designer. An architect is licensed by the state to design homes and oversee construction and renovation of houses whereas architectural designers are not usually licensed.

As already stated, residential architects help you with lots of things prior to and during the construction of your house. The services are:


The initial consultation will mark the beginning of your dreams turning into reality. This is the perfect time to find out the fees of the architect, the ideas he/she has to offer, and discuss every little thing about your own idea of how you want your house to be. After you are done with explaining your needs and requirements, the architect can guide you in the right direction. Assess the mental communication level between yourself and the architect because once you jump into the venture, there is no turning back and there will be plenty of times when you and your architect would have to communicate mentally.

Design phase

Before any architect would start to design the floor plan, he/she will analyse the site’s existing conditions and come up with conceptual drawing or ideas that will cohere with client’s requirements.


Once the general design is done, documentation phase is instigated. During this phase, an architect produces more comprehensive drawings.


This is the period when the local jurisdiction reviews the drawings and determines whether the proposed work is in accordance with local safety codes or design review. It depends on the municipality that how long it will take for your documentation to get permitted. Your architect will help you get the permission without any hassle.

These are some of the most important services provided by an architect. If you are willing to hire one, then get in touch with reputed residential architects in Dublin.


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