DIY : Resin Vs Gravel – Yorkshire Resin – Medium

Gravel driveways have long been one of the most popular (and cheapest) options around, but move over gravel, there’s a new kid in town! When it comes to Resin Driveway vs the more traditional gravel driveway, there’s really no contest as to which is best. Here are just a few reasons why resin is the more popular and cost-effective choice…

Resin Bound Drives Stand the Test of Time

You may spend slightly more installing a Resin Drive Surface, but it will end up paying for itself. That’s because resin bound drives are easy to maintain, so you won’t end up spending a fortune on maintenance tools and labour. They’re weed-resistant and the smooth, porous surface means no flooding or water pooling.

They’re a great choice for families with kids or disabled people as the smooth surface is pushchair and wheelchair-friendly. Environmentally friendly too, they also give you tons of creative freedom to design a unique driveway, as resin comes in a huge range of different colours to suit your tastes. The long lifespan of a resin driveway and lack of loose stones means your driveway will look as good as new for years to come, and most companies will offer a 10-year guarantee.

Gravel Driveways Are False Economy

Ever thought about why you see so many gravel drives, particularly on new-build properties? They’re the cheapest option for developers, but they can be false economy in the longer-term. Because loose gravel can be laid onto a compacted stone sub-base, or on top of earth or grass, displaced gravel can lead to a messy appearance. A gravel drive will look great until you walk or drive on it, or until the kids kick the stones around!

You’ll also end up paying more in maintenance, with gravel drives prone to weeds and potholing, not to mention the ongoing cost of replacing gravel. Cheap doesn’t always mean value for money, so what you save on installing a gravel drive you may end up spending in maintenance costs over the next 10 years, not to mention the time and effort.

These are just a few reasons to choose a resin bound drive over a gravel driveway — there are plenty of other reasons too! If you’re wondering how much a new resin bound drive is going to cost you, you’ll find many companies out there offering free, no-obligation quotations. So shop around until you find the solution that suits you best!


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