DIY : Resin Repairs – Brunel Preservation – Medium

Wood that’s good to go with epoxy resin timber repairs

Where main structural timbers have been attacked by woodworm or rot then this affected wood may have to be removed prior to any timber treatments.

Resin timber repairs and resin brickwork repairs are one of the best ways to fix broken structural points in a building.

Brunel Preservations can replace the missing pieces and create an unbreakable bond using skilled wood repair techniques such as timber splicing with epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin can also be used to stitch masonry together once structural brickwork faults have been corrected.

This type of work can all be carried out onsite.

Epoxy resin can repair these kinds of problem:

  • Timber beam ends removed due to rot
  • Timber joist reinforcement
  • Cracked brickwork
  • Listed building repairs

We are members of the Guarantee Protection Trust which means we can offer fair, transparent and insured guarantees for our work and your property (even if you sell or move on).


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