DIY : Research is Easier than Writing. Writing is Easier than Removing Puncture Vines.

I didn’t mean to get sucked down into a rabbit hole.

Those that know me personally, know that once I get latched onto an interesting subject, being semi-addicted to research, with enough time, I’ll dive head first into said rabbit hole.

It’s not even a question.

I’ve been doing some research for a future work. Going as slow and being as detailed as I am, I’m learning more than I ever have then when I’ve done this in the past.

  • I’ve been in the zone for the last two hours.
  • I didn’t realize how late it’s gotten.
  • I’m not hungry.

Initially, I allowed myself to do this research because I was woken up from the nap I was trying to take. (Self-care you know).

I allowed myself to keep doing the research (because, hey this next section will be easy. Might as well do it too!) I was procrastinating writing and publishing something today. I admit it!

Now I’m writing the article, because I’m procrastinating scrubbing the bathtub and marching outside with a screwdriver and pair of thick gloves to eradicate the remaining puncture vines in my yard.

Puncture vines are evil, evil, evil b*astards.

The ONLY good use I can think of for puncture vines is to plant them around a moat you’ve built for your castle as a security measure.

That will keep out any barefoot marauders, those that wear super thin shoes, and definitely those who intend to do you harm via bicycle.

Every year around this time, I pluck them out of the yard. Each year I have to pluck less and less, which is great.

It will rain soon — the first real rain in some time and I want them out of the yard before they have a chance to drink life-preserving water and grow even more.

My research task is almost done and I have more chores still to do.

I think I’ll congratulate myself for getting as far as I did and give myself an hour to deal with the bathtub and the puncture vines.

I’ll give myself another hour on a home improvement project I keep chipping away at.

Then I think I’ll retire for the evening.



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