DIY : Professional Home Organizer in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville — Christine Janes

Home Puzzle help home owners and small businesses de-clutter and organize their spaces so they can enjoy a clean, clutter free environment. We’re honoured that our clients invite us to come into their homes and small businesses. That’s a huge leap of faith and we appreciate that trust. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and genuinely unhappy with any of your spaces, we can help you get organized, de-cluttered and provide a positive, lasting change and transformation. Our clients are truly our # 1 priority.

Home Puzzle work with people who struggle to keep up with their commitments and possessions, who want to leave the chaos behind and take control of their life. Founded in 2008 by Christine Janes, CPO-CD®, Home Puzzle specializes in chronic disorganization — the kind of disorganization that persists, no matter what you do. Visit us for more enquiries :


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