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Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs — The Perfect One To Decorate Your Eco-Friendly Home

Eco-friendly decorating is more than just a passing trend. This healthy pro-environment lifestyle is here to stay. According to some of the top interior decor experts, choosing Persian rugs is the perfect way to highlight your eco-friendly lifestyle and tasteful decor style. Here ABC rug describes some of the reasons why Persian rugs or decorative rugs for sale considered eco-friendly.


Wool Persian rugs for sale manufactured from natural fibers, and plant-based or vegetable-based dyes, which are environmentally-friendly. Sheep grow a new coat of wool, and the plants and vegetables that the dyes extracted from will grow new leaves, bear new fruit, and continue to live and thrive. No animals are harmed during the making of a wool rug (ABC rug). And no plants permanently destroyed in the process.

Wool is also much more durable than synthetics, so the fibers won’t break down as quickly, and when they do, there are no harmful chemicals released into the air.


Wool is an extremely warm and soft fabric. In addition to bringing warmth to your home with their bright colors and vivid patterns. Wool Oriental rugs for sale also act as a warm barrier between your feet and the cold flooring. With something so soft and warm under your feet, you won’t feel the need to raise the thermostat by too much, which is a huge eco-friendly measure.

Giving Back to the Global Community

Many Oriental Persian rugs for sale hand-woven, hand-knotted by women and, sometimes, entire families. These families can make a decent living from their work, and because everything about an ABC rug being made doesn’t harm people or animals, this is better for the environment and the global economy.

Sheep will grow new wool, plants will bear fruit and leaves, and the children of these artisans will grow up, get married, have children of their own, and continue the family business of farming the sheep, growing the crops, and making the decorative rugs, just as their ancestors have for generations.

When you purchase an ABC rug that has been hand-woven and hand-knotted, you helping families continue a tradition and sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle that has a positive impact not only on their small communities but on a global scale.

Heirloom Quality

When you buy a hand-woven or hand-knotted wool Oriental rug (ABC rug). You buying a piece of decor that may well outlive several generations. Some of the most beautiful decorative rugs in home decor have been in families for several generations. With proper maintenance and care, Oriental rugs for sale look as good as new for several years, adding value to your home, and to the homes of those you choose to pass it on to.

This means there is no need to get into an environmentally wasteful cycle of using up resources unnecessarily in the manufacture of flooring that will only last a few years.

Ecological home decor helps the entire world. The purchase, use, and maintenance of Oriental decorative rugs increase the worth of your home while maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s a win-win situation.

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