DIY : Only Aanya Linen guarantees that you will be able to Really Find Amazing round bedding sheets.

Choosing a bed with an unconventional design is a challenge. The supply of bedding’s on the market tends to be limited. If you already have a round bed, you have joined the select group of those who risk innovating in the decoration of their bedrooms. The question is Can You Really Find Amazing round bedding sheets? The answer is a resounding YES. Innovation in design, texture, color and high technology is available in Aanya Linen’s round bed sheets collections. Bedding designed for the satisfaction of the most demanding people, who not only want to buy a sheet set, they want to incorporate a piece of textile art to decorate their bedroom.

The engineers of our brand have applied the latest advances in textile technology for the manufacture of the most exquisite bed linens on the market. On the other hand, the designers of the brand understand that the sheet sets are much more than mattress protectors. These bedding are the closest thing to your skin every night and therefore their characteristics must be unique.

The incredible thing about the round bed sheets made by our brand starts with the selection of intelligent fabric for the manufacture of this product. They are fabrics that respond to environmental demands because of their unique qualities. The fabrics were structured with micro porous polymer membranes that stop the passage of dust particles. In addition, antibacterial microcapsules eliminate pathogenic microorganisms on contact. The incorporation of thermoregulatory characteristics provides a fresh and breathable fabric. And the anti-pilling treatment ensures that the texture of your product remains free of fibrous spheres. You will buy a hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable, soft to the touch and comfortable bed linen always. You were looking for an incredible product and you found it.

The pleasant texture and softness of our bedding come from the wefts of between 300 and 400 threads per square inch in satin cotton. You will be able to choose the most suitable screening depending on the round bed sheets collection you select from the wide variety of our brand. And in the field of color, Aanya Linen brand products are unbeatable as because of the color fixation treatments applied during their manufacture. You can choose from a wide variety of crisp and indelible colors.

This product will remain unalterable even when used intensively and will retain its texture and color after each wash. You will enjoy for many years a bedding designed to elegantly decorate your bedroom while providing the rest you require


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