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The old fence is sold for $80 and hauled off.

Gone are the days of looking at the stack of fence in the backyard. Today I sold that stack plus some help with loading for a stack of $80.

The original ad was placed on craigslist some two weeks ago. It read “Reclaimed wood fence panel stack — $150” it read in the materials by owner section. It used the photo attached to this article. In the description for the ad I wrote, “Good wood to repurpose $150obo” and added my name and number as well. Today, two weeks later the ad is deleted because the old fence panels sold for $80.

Granted, to make the deal I offered to help load. The loading effort turned into over an hour of lifting and moving fence panels. I was originally haggled down to $100 on the phone. Upon review of the materials this I was asked if I could go lower and I said $80 dollars and I’ll help load. With the yard free from the old fence I would have otherwise had to dispose of on the free dump day, I feel the sale was a good one.

The idea to sell the old fence came from one major source and that is knowing that already assembled fence panels are sold in places like the Home Depot. A quick google of fence panels and a click over to the shopping tab will reveal new cedar panels go for $80 a piece and more ornate panels sell for up to $150. I figured that for about 15–20 six foot panels, $150 would be a bargain. And with that I decided to place a for sale ad craigslist.

I wondered if my ad would even produce someone interested let alone a buyer. It did both just once. This summer in Colorado where I live there has been one major record contending wind storm toppling trees and fences alike. This could have helped with demand, and I feel sturdy construction materials regardless of condition have a greater market today than in recent years. I didn’t bother asking about where the fence would go since I felt so good about my sale and just wanted to get it through. The possibilities with fence panels are great. Fences serve all kinds of purposes. Old fences can often be mended with an old panel with less damaged pickets. Old fence panels match damaged areas of fencing so there is no color discrepancy with the fence once repaired. There is a lot to think about with fence, I am glad to have thought about selling the stack of fence in my backyard and then having the good fortune to have sold it.

The beauty of the whole thing is the problem solved itself faster and with less effort by selling the fence than with other options. The end.

Photo by Ivan Televny on Unsplash


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