DIY : Not Your Average Startup – Takl

In just three years, tech startup Takl has grown from an idea to a nationwide platform for finding help for small jobs in 75+ metropolitan areas across the U.S. The platform connects over 45,000 background-checked Providers to users looking to Takl chores like assembly, lawn and yard care, cleaning, haul away, handyman jobs, and more.

The company began with an idea: connect those looking to make use of their skills with those who need help around their homes.

“We wanted to make something that stands apart,” said Founder and CEO Willis Johnson. “So we thought up hundreds of small jobs, all pre-priced, that you can find help for quickly and easily. No haggling. No waiting for an estimate. Just fast help.”

Takl began with hundreds of pre-priced jobs and soon expanded to include the Build Your Own Job feature so users can get the exact help they need.

“We value user input,” said Johnson. “We’ve got a good product, and we’re always looking to make it even better. We added the Build Your Own Job feature and Hourly Help so people can knock out multiple chores or specific jobs. Web ordering launched this summer to give people even more options.”

“What’s great about Takl is it can help so many different people,” said Chief Operating Officer Greg McCollum. “Both with Providers and customers, we have millennials, moms, dads, retirees, and people of all ages using the Takl platform. Providers earn money on their own schedules, and customers get help for jobs they don’t have time for or just can’t do.”

“Startups are about unique ideas that make life easier for people in some way, “ commented Lee Crisp, Senior VP of Business Development. “Takl does that on both sides of the platform. It’s exciting to see such rapid growth and expansion in such a short period of time.”

Have you tried Takl yet? Hear what customers have to say.

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