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All About Moroccan Rug and its Type

Country Morocco is rich in history and cultural diversity. For the African, Arab and Jewish influences, from the original Amazonian tribes of Atlas Mountain, Morocco is famous for its architecture, food and definitely for the homebase rigs. While Moroccan living room rugs are well-known, people are sometimes unable to identify, Which design is really Moroccan? Here we will list different types of Moroccan rug and give details of their genesis and special styles.

Kilim Rugs

Yes, you read right. Although Kilim is generally associated with the Balkans, Pakistan or Turkey. Morocco also produces beautiful Kilim. This rug is flat, which means that they appear thin and are not as soft as other wool homebase rugs. Kilims do not have any pile. But the amazing designs and colors make it more attractive. Moroccan Kilim rugs UK can match with any type of interior. Kilims are generally more economical than other living room rugs UK and can work as indoor/outdoor in hot weather. If you want to become more familiar with that style, then we have large rugs UK collection of Kilim type.

Azilal Rugs

Azilals are tribal rugs from Azilal’s central Moroccan province. Mostly these are Hand-woven by Berber women, these living room rugs are looks similar to Beni Ourain enrich with plushness and heavy shag surface. Their colors are different where they are different. Agilils usually include more geometric shapes of teeth. And to make it the rug weavers mostly used vegetable dyed wool, If you want a more spunk and spice with the design of the Beni Ourain, then the Azilals type Moroccan rug can be a perfect choice.

Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite rugs are earth-friendly because these made of recycled materials. These eco rugs are not a small part of their charm and bright colors. These are 100% handmade and truly crafted by barbarians. This rug is actually a unique type rug which looks beautiful with its colorful designs. As these crafted from recycled materials that’s why the maintenance of these type rugs easy. So, if you want rugs which are enriched with beauty and required low maintenance you should try this rug.

Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourains are mostly made of 100% sheepskin wool handmade by Ourain tribes in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. Traditionally, large shag pile Beni Ourain and their native are mostly found in cream color, some more rare Bayon turquoise, and tae-like colors. These homebase rugs UK are very modern due to their timeless and minimalist look. If you want to invest in on of the type of Moroccan rug which can be a perfect match for any type interior then this rug can be perfect for you. And the shag pile surface will definitely make your feet feel happy. If you want good quality Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs online, you should visit our online home store.

Boujad Rugs

These Rugs belong to the middle Atlas Mountains. The Baugad Rugs UK are very colorful rugs, mostly found in Purple, orange and pink color. This type of Moroccan rug popular in the form of a pouf. The Baugad Moroccan style rugs the UK mostly hand woven by women of Morocco. And each design made on these rugs tells a story with the help of traditional Berber lozenges & motifs about fertility, rural life, marriage, spiritual beliefs, etc. After placing these type of homebase rugs in your living room, you will surely move to another world.

Rabat rugs (R’Bati)

These rugs are also popular with the name “R’Bati”. This type of Moroccan from the city of Rabat. This place is known as the capital of Morocco. These type of rugs are generally found in Red & Blue, Green & purple having the large diamond motif in the center. These type of living room rugs are mostly found in Upper-class families of Morocco.

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