DIY : Methods to Maximise Space with the Home & Increase Future Yields

The desire to maximise and increase space within one’s home is an issue that presents itself to the majority of homeowners at some point during their lives and is usually one of the most common complaints in the United Kingdom.

This is especially the case for those with families where an increase in space is often desired, especially as children grow older and wish to gain a greater level of independence, albeit it in confines of the parental home.

While the obvious solution would be to move to a new home, this is not always a viable solution due to the substantial costs involved in moving, and the disruption it poses, both to the lives of working parents and their children.

However, there are numerous ways in which homeowners can maximise space in their current home without resorting to selling their property. A small investment in one’s property offers the potential to not only offer a more comfortable standard of living, but also offers greater yields once the time does come to place the property on the market.

Declutter & Reclaim Valuable Space

An important initial step in maximising the space available in the home is to commence an assessment of the space that is not being utilised as effectively as possible and start determining items that are deemed to be essential in the home. Those that are determined as being surplus to requirements can either be discarded, advertised in classified publications, or even donated to a local charitable cause.

A sagacious strategy to consider, implement and abide to in future with regards to purchasing decisions, is to vow to discard a similar item in future to ensure that there is not surplus items in the home.

Identify Under-Used Areas to Create Storage Space

In the majority of homes there is usually ample opportunities to utilise dead space and convert it into built-in shelving or cupboards, this is particularly the case for the area under the stairs, which is usually one of the most under-used areas in a home. However, making use of dead space does not need to be confined to under the stairs, landings and corridors also offer ample opportunities to craft built-in bespoke cabinets into wall cavities, leaving your home feeling more spacious and uncluttered.

It is even possible to take advantage of this space and incorporate inset shelves directly into a wall to ensure that they not jut out into the living space. This is particularly the case when incorporating floor to ceiling shelves for storing books and ornaments.

Not only does this improve the current living space, both in terms of practicality and aesthetics it will also be highly-desirable when the property is eventually placed on the market.

Build Up or Down

In urban areas it can prove to be incredibly challenging to gain planning permission to extend sideways or from the rear of the home, however there is usually less objections when looking to extend a property above or below.

There is exemplified by a 183% increase in planning applications for basements by homeowners who are unable to climb the housing ladder, or who have been denied planning permission for an alternative extension.

Employing the services of a specialist basement company is usually one of the more costly methods of increasing space, it does, however, have advantages, as it means that the full footprint of the home is used to add the most space, meaning that it is the ideal option for those looking to remain in their property long-term and substantially increase the resale value in the long-term.

However, it is not only basement conversions that are in demand, with a substantial number of people opting to convert a unused attic into a bedroom or study, it has been demonstrated that this increase in living space has the potential to add up to 20% more value onto the resale value of a home.

Remove Internal Walls

An additional design trick that is often under-utilised is to remove internal non-structural walls, which can usually be removed without any compensating additional measures. This offers the opportunity to create greater amounts of space and transform a small or dark room into a bright and airy open-plan area.

The most desirable of these is creating an open-plan living room and dining room, when combined with large French windows onto a garden, this creates a greater illusion of space. There are, however, key considerations to take into account when undergoing such a project; when removing load-bearing structural walls, there is, however, the requirement to insert a beam to support what is above it instead.

Invest in a Utility Room

Following on from the point earlier with regards to ensuring that the homeowner is taking advantage of space beneath the stairs, if storage is not an overwhelming requirement, this offers an opportunity to insert a stud wall to create a utility room or a downstairs toilet; both of these opportunities assist in increasing the resale value of the home and the practicality afforded to the homeowner.


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