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It’s surprising to think about all the objects and appliances in the kitchen that can pose a danger to young children. And, these things often aren’t thought about until you have a little one of your own. But in an effort to keep your kitchen and your home kid-friendly, there are several tips you should employ to ensure that nothing will cause harm to your loved ones. With the help of Vadara Quartz, a premier quartz fabricator for kitchen countertops, the following is some advice that should help keep your kitchen beautiful and safe for the whole family. From the installation of child safety features to the proper maintenance and cleaning of quartz countertops, you can get started with child safety in no time at all.

Keep the Hazards Away

There are many common household objects that can be harmful to children if they handle or use the object in the wrong way. Knives can cause serious harm and hot appliances such as stoves, ovens, and toasters can cause burns if left unattended. Make sure you keep these risky items far away from the reach of your child, so they do not have the possibility of encountering them.

Even something as invisible as a wet floor can be very harmful to your child and even to yourself. Slipping on a wet floor can cause a fall, which may also impact some dangerous items around the room. Make sure you invest in proper cleaning and maintenance of your floors and countertops always.

Make a Kid-Friendly Drawer

Having a special drawer or cabinet dedicated to all your kid’s favorite plates, cups, and silverware can help to create a safe space for your child to stay in. For example, you can store kid-friendly plastic plates and cups in a single drawer, while storing the adult dishware somewhere up high.

You can apply the same strategy to the refrigerator as well. Help your child invest in proper food safety by keeping a clean environment where you store food. Make sure that you keep inedible items locked away or out of reach, so your child does not accidentally eat them. Wash all fruits and vegetables before giving them to your child.

Clean Your Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are known for their ease of use. Simple to clean and maintain, these countertops are great for contributing to the safety of the household. When a quartz fabricator creates custom countertops, they always apply a sealant and coating that will keep the countertops looking pristine at all times. Plus, they are impervious to potential spills and messes that your children might cause.

You can teach them proper cleaning habits as well by teaching them to wipe the countertops after a mess is made. It does not take much to maintain quartz and knowing that you have one less chore to worry about can really put your mind at ease.

Keep Them Occupied

If your child is adventurous and curious, they might want to help in the kitchen every so often. You can encourage their willingness to learn by designating an activity area for them to explore food ingredients and make a friendly mess. When they are in the mood to cook, you can teach them baking essentials by showing them how to pour flour and sugar.

A kid-safe activity area will help your kids feel like they are fully participating in the activities of the kitchen, without exposing them to dangerous objects like knives and stoves. That way, everyone is happy, and nobody must worry about hurting themselves.

Make Your Kitchen a Safe and Fun Space!

There’s no reason why you must sacrifice quality and beauty for safety. You can have a pristine, kid-friendly kitchen that sports gorgeous quartz countertops and a clean floor. By taking the time to invest in the little tips to make cleanup and organization easier, you can make safety a breeze. Start small by making a kid-friendly corner and storing dangerous items out of reach. Once you get into the groove of things, you’ll be a pro at kitchen cleanliness and child safety.

If you have more questions about your local quartz fabricator, or you are interested in your kitchen countertop options, you can get in touch with Vadara Quartz by contacting them online. You can also give them a call at (844) 482–3272 at any time.


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