DIY : Make Your Entrance – Sherry Mills – Medium

Murray Hill, NYC

What greets you as you enter your home? How does what you see, make you feel?

It can be easy to “let things go” in the privacy of our own spaces, and miss connecting the dots that we’re suffering the consequences of not treating ourselves like our own worthy guests.

And then drag that unworthiness around with us as we enter school, the grocery store, the boardroom…

I think the first impression we should all be most concerned with, is actually our own!

Apparently, one’s front door is as much an entrance into one’s personality as it is to their living space.

The choice of this shade of blue door in said to be indicative of honesty and intelligence in the dwellers you’ll find behind it, whereas light blue suggests ocean and the openness that implies; pale green, tranquility; dark green, traditional values and respect; bright pink or red, extroversion and bold welcome; neutral shades of grey, black, or brown, the careful, conscientious or conservative.

I don’t have a say over my apartment door color, but I do about the arrangement that greets me when I open that door. It’s not perfect yet, but periodically attending to it with conscious attention, it does make a difference.

If you cherish your space, it will cherish you back.

I promise.

So please go take a good hard look at your entrance, and report back to me how it makes you feel.



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