DIY : Large format tiles- The latest ‘IN’ for décor game – AGL Tiles – Medium

Aiming to elevate the overall look and feel of your living space with no compromise on quality and looks? Pick AGL’s large format tiles called GRESTEK XXL tiles.

To cope up with modern design and décor trends, tile manufacturing companies have to come up with size and style variants for wall tiles and floor tiles. When the modern décor is being talked about, large format tiles are a must-take tile name. AGL calls its large format tiles- Grestek XXL. Available in 800 X 1200 mm size, these XXL tiles are best for floors.

Large format tiles are a growing trend and they exhibit a lot of advantages compared to the normal tile sizes. The most common of all their advantages is their aesthetic value. When they are installed, they look pleasant. They add a dramatic effect to your living space. Read ahead to know more:

Large format tiles enhance the space factor

Aiming to have a spacious look for the space? Our Grestek XXL tiles are a go-to choice! You can certainly conjure up the spaciousness and overall look-feel. Especially for smaller spaces, you would need large tiles. Because then, there would be less grout lines. And less grout lines make the space look clean, uncluttered and neat.

They uplift visual appeal of the space

Grestek XXL tiles have a classic charm which makes them a perfect choice for modern home interiors. You can have them installed in your drawing hall to have ultimate first impressions on your guests. Match light-shade large format tiles with subtle patterned wall tiles for a mesmerizing effect. Plan a few large photo frames of family members on the walls. Can you imagine the renaissance?

Large format tiles are easy to maintain

If you think that these XXL tiles would be tougher to maintain than the normal sizes, you are wrong! Their size has nothing to do with their maintenance. Plus, AGL’s Grestek XXL tiles come with some great features that demand almost no maintenance. And of course, less grout lines mean lesser cleaning!

They are also a go-to choice for wall tiles

If you have a misconception that it’s not a good idea to lay large format tiles on walls, clear it right now! You may definitely use them as wall tiles in order to elevate the space and beauty of your rooms. Give your room walls a modish and joint-free look with AGL’s Grestek XXL tile range. A point to pin here: in case you’re using large format tiles for both- floor tiles and wall tiles, make sure that you pick a wall tile size smaller than that of floor tiles.

Apart from homes, you can also use our XXL tiles for countertops, commercials, facades, external walls and other applications. They exhibit benefits such as stain resistance, water resistance, ready size to use, less cut waste, aesthetic appeal, easy maintenance and more. To know more, visit your nearest AGL display center or the website.


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