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We understand that not everyone will want to pay for a service if there appears to be no tangible benefit. Take an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for example, for AED XXXX figure you’re buying a service that you may not ever really notice as the whole point of an AMC is to provide you with an absence of breakdowns. There is a very slim chance that you can spend 12 months in a property and not need to spend a single fil on maintenance. It’s certainly not advisable but you may be lucky and not experience a single issue!

An AMC is the recommended preventative plan to keep your property maintained in a working condition for a prolonged period. You may decide to hedge you bets, wait and see and pay to repair when something goes wrong. On the surface you may not spend as much to repair an issue once compared to maintaining a property for a year but over time those repairs start to add up and not just financially.

Every time a component or mechanism fails, additional stressors will be placed on other areas within the system. In time the failure is likely to become a far more significant issue requiring higher repair costs and a shortened period between repairs and replacements. You’ll recognize this if you’ve ever skipped a service on your car. After a while you will start to feel the difference in the performance and you’ll know that you really should pop down to the mechanic.

Anyway, this got us thinking at Mr Odd Job (I know, surprising isn’t it), a year is a long time and maybe that commitment becomes tricky to justify, especially when for six months of the year we live in a climate that most of us consider pretty much perfect. Why worry about your A/C when you can throw open the windows for a balmy breeze and an idyllic temperature somewhere in the mid-twenties (just be wary of sandstorms and Shamal)! The thing is the climate has a bit of a bite and as we approach May we all know (but don’t like to say it out loud) that Summer Is Coming… Sorry everyone, it is.

So, the result of all that thinking was, what about a Summer Maintenance Contract (an SMC if you will)? That focuses purely on your A/C, a package that bundles;

  • Two A/C Services — one ideally pre/early summer (now) and one at the onset of the mercury bubbling…
  • A 90-day warranty on each service (so six months in total)
  • 20% discount on Duct and Coil Cleaning when purchased as part of the SMC
  • One full electrical and plumbing inspection (we like to add actual value)

And that’s it…

Nothing fancy just our services to maintain your A/C through the hottest most attritional months of the year.

Price will be based on the number of units (guideline, the number of thermostats) and will be highly attractive compared to the cost of repairing (not to mention the physical cost of not having a working A/C when even the camels are taking a holiday).

We definitely still advise an Annual Maintenance Contract but realize that there is an element of inflexibility when you sign up for 12 months. So, we’re going to call this the Summer Serenity Package (because it’s hard to be Zen when it feels like the weather is out to get you…).

We will publish the package in April (although you can buy it now) but we would love to have your feedback. If interested and you want to learn more please call 800 ODD JOB or email

We think it makes sense and we really hope you do too!


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