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Vinyl fencing a great alternative to wood or metal fencing. Many homeowners have yet to understand the advantages of vinyl fencing. The material is affordable, versatile and offers a variety of choice in color. There are many brands out there for vinyl fences, Illusions Vinyl Fence, for example, is a great and quality brand that has been around for many years. We atChallenger Fence Inc are an Illusions Vinyl Fence dealer in NJ. Today we want to discuss the many benefits of Illusions Vinyl Fences.

Strength of Vinyl Fences

Illusions Vinyl Fence Dealer in NJ

Vinyl is stronger than wood but weighs less. The kind used for fencing is five times stronger than wood. Vinyl does not rot or decay. It does not weaken from termite infestation. Vinyl can last for decades while retaining its strength. It can be used to fence swimming pools or lawns that are constantly watered as the water does not damage it.

Easy fence installation

It is very easy to install a vinyl fence. After securing the posts in the ground, the other pieces will easily slide and lock in place. A two man team can install the fence over a long perimeter in very short time. This saves on labor costs.

Low Maintenance Fences

Vinyl can easily be washed using a hose. This is unlike wood that has to be repainted every few years. It retains color very well without fading. This means that you get to save a lot on maintenance costs.

Affordable Fences

Vinyl is much cheaper than iron or wood. It can be installed on long perimeters at low cost. The vinyl does not require varnishing, staining or coloring. It can be installed just as it was purchased. The benefits in cost are added by the low maintenance costs and the long durability of the vinyl.

Flexible Fences

A vinyl fence will bend or stretch without breaking. It can resist high winds and heavy storms while it remains standing and retains its color. Vinyl fencing is ideal for fencing in animals like horses that often run into the fence. The vinyl does not splinter which would harm the animals. They can also chew on it with no damage.

Durable Fences

A vinyl fence can last 20–30 years. The vinyl does not crack, peel, splinter or blister. The fence is resistant to rust, mold, mildew and pests. This means you don’t have to incur the costs of replacing the fencing every few years.


Vinyl fencing offers a variety in choice of shapes, colors, texture, height and toppers. If you are in a regulated neighborhood, you can match the fencing style while expressing your personality by making choices that match your taste.

If you are looking to install a beautiful, durable and low-cost fence, you cannot go wrong with a vinyl fence from Illusions Vinyl Fence installed by us at Challenger Fence Inc.

For more information about us as an Illusions Vinyl Fence dealer in NJ, please call us today at 973–772–2593. One of our vinyl fence experts will be happy to speak to you.


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