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If you have a typical house with an attic, you have got extra space to build yourself a room! Everyone loves adding something extra to their homes. And adding a room is quite a bonus. From re-decor to getting down to specifications, it is quite an adventure. The finished results will make you happy that you put your efforts in the right direction. There are four things you can do with your attic –either you let it be, or you make an additional garage out of it, make a living space for yourself, make a bedroom for your guest or for the additional new member of the family, or you make it a personal room for your own delight. We are going to tell you how you can make it possible!

Loft conversions and rebuilding attics will take help of professionals to be built to perfection. Get the best attic conversions in Edinburgh at TT Construction. 
Here we are going to brief you on the things that will shake up when you execute your attic conversion plans:

  1. You will need to look at the amount of space that is there
    This means you will have to get the blueprints of the house ready. Then you need to look at the height of the attic and how well ventilated it is. Some attics can be successfully turned into a bedroom while some are best for garage and basement space. So you need to first look into the space of your attic and then decide what you can do best. Small spaces, but not too small, can also be converted into an elegant and chic bedroom. You can also use the small attic as a place made for meditation, prayer or space dedicated towards a theme.
  2. Keep in mind the strength of the floor
    How much weight can your attic bear? This will also determine what room would suit best for it. If your attics can’t accommodate furniture for your living room or your bedroom, then consider it making a garage space. Also, you can get the flooring done if you are planning on making it your bedroom or living space.
  3. You will need to abide by the building rules
    You can’t just go around with a chainsaw, hammer, and nails and start your attic conversion. You would need to refer to your structural engineer and abide by the building code and permit consideration. For a better understanding of it, you can contact your nearest contractor. Get the best advice and results for your attic conversion in Edinburgh at TT Construction.
  4. You will need to add installations
    If the height of the ceiling is not high enough and the walls are too low, then you would need to get ceiling and wall treatment for your attic respectively. This way you would add value to your attic and convert it into beautiful living space or bedroom.
  5. Emphasis on ventilation
    Ventilation is the best in the basement and garage area. But with attics, you would need to plan on getting ventilation installed. You would need construction firms to plan out ventilation space for your attic. This is highly important if you are going to spend at least 8 hours in that room. Good ventilation for your bedrooms, living space, etc. will avoid suffocation.
  6. Attic conversions always add value to property evaluation
    If you ever consider selling your home, the evaluation of your property will become much higher than it initially was. Home renovation always adds to the property estimation. Plus, you get an additional room which you can use however you please.

Attic conversion is always a great idea whether it is accommodating for garage space or for an additional member of the family. You can also choose a common theme for the room and satisfy your heart by decorating it and using it for that purpose. Plus, the selling price of your house is multiplied by the simple renovation. Get the best builders in Edinburgh to convert your attic into your desired room at TT Construction.


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