DIY : How to take care of your Marble flooring? – Fabmodula Interiors – Medium

Are you after a hot new look that’s always in trend with a bang? A dash of marble can definitely do the job! Get over the hurdle of keeping the marble floors clean and make your home shine regally.

Here are few tips by FabModula, one of the Creative Interior Designer in Bangalore to keep your marbles look fresh and beautiful!

· Clean the stain as soon as possible

Any spill on floor should be cleaned immediately as it can seep into the pores of the marble. simply use hot water and a sponge to wipe off the stain, if cleaning products are required, use the ones specific for marble cleaning.

· Avoid physical damage

Unlike other stone structure, marbles is a soft stone, which is prone to chip, crack and break. Make sure there are no gaps while installation and place rubber pads under furniture legs to avoid scratches from dragging the furniture. Regular cleaning can avoid small scratches and other blemishes.

· Away from acids

Anything acidic will spoil the beauty of the marbles. Never use any acidic products as cleaning detergents as marble is delicate and should be treated with gentle cleansers.

· Proper cleaning solutions

Avoid acidic detergents for cleaning the marble, instead go for formulated stone cleaners which will disinfect and won’t harm your marble. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and few drops of ammonia can help in retaining the shine and clean the surface.

· Clean interiors

Ensure that door-mats, foot mats and rugs handy are available at the entryway so that no dirt is brought into the house. During monsoons, make it a point to leave your foot wears outdoor to not carry in stray drops.


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