DIY : How to remove Wax from Carpet – John Brown – Medium

Wax is a material that can turn to liquid form when heat is applied to it. When you light a candle, you have a chance of that wax dripping onto your carpets and it can be tough to remove. This guide will teach you how to remove candle wax from your carpet. Although this can be difficult, it is not impossible. One reason that wax is so hard to remove is that it only takes a few seconds before it goes from liquid form to a hard, flaky mess. When you remove wax from the carpet, one of the items needed will be a hot iron. This product kicks out a lot of heat so you will need to use caution at all times to avoid burns to yourself and the carpets. Removing wax from a carpet by trying to scrub, scratch or wash using traditional means will not yield the results that you are hoping for. A candle stain of wax can and will be easily removed once you get a hot iron and a few pieces of newspaper. These two items are all that you will need for this DIY project and clean-up job.

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