DIY : How to Keep Your Home Smelling Nice and Clean During Monsoons

Monsoon means musty smells, there’s no argument about this. And unfortunately for us, nothing beats coming home to a fresh smelling home after a long tiring day. Getting those funky smells out of your house can be a task unless you spend a large amount on those fancy sprays that don’t last for too long. If you want a more naturally pleasant smelling home, there are many alternatives out there. Here we get to you the best of the lot:

Dried citrus wheels

A fan of the fresh citric smell? Now you can make your home smell like your favourite smell too, with this easy DIY trick. Slice a bunch of citrus fruits in thin slices, bake them at a low temperature and place them in all the corners you want to. Those musty corners will instantly freshen up. These wheelies can also be ground and used in bath salts and scrubs.

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Homemade spray

No matter if you live in a big apartment from the Lodha Group, or in a dorm across town, one thing is common for all — everyone likes the smell of walking in a bakery. And this homemade spray is going to make your home smell just like a newly opened bakery. Just use a combination of yummy smelling spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, apple pie spice, along with orange zest and throw them in a boiling pan. Add water and let it boil on low heat. Let it simmer for as long you need, and use the contents of the pan as a home freshener.

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Stove top potpourri

You don’t really need some fancy items for a potpourri. A stove top potpourri can be made using just the things you have in your fridge. Just throw in a mixture of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, clove and rosemary along with your favourite fruit (Ours is always a heavy dose of cranberry and orange). Add water and let the magic potion simmer until your house smells like Christmas come early.

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