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The garden office is the perfect sanctuary that provides much needed quiet space on your property. It’s the perfect room to dedicate to work, ensuring there’s a healthy and much needed division between work and home, the balance that promotes productivity and wellness in equal measure.

Expensive Office Essentials

Garden offices are often used for work, meaning the space is filled with expensive and sometimes sensitive information. Security must be a priority, so how do you keep your garden home office secure? Here are a few tips to increase the security of your private property.

Garden Office Alarm

Add an alarm to the room along with the rear of your property. Sometimes the addition of an alarm is enough of a deterrent but do make sure it works and check it regularly. There are diverse types of alarms that are suitable to use with garden rooms. You can even combine the alarm with the addition of a CCTV camera. Chose a HD camera to help increase the quality of any videos or images that are captured if the room is targeted by thieves or vandals.

High Quality Materials

Invest in a high-quality summer houses Yorkshire that is made from quality materials. Criminals are not the only threat; the weather can be too. Choosing a high-quality garden home office will ensure that the items inside are protected all year round. Work with the designers to come up with a room that works for your outdoor space, taking into consideration the elements.

Garden Rooms with Secure Windows

Window and door locks are essential. Check the locks are secured each time you leave the garden room to prevent opportunistic criminals from gaining easy access to your belongings.

Is My Garden Office Covered by Home Insurance?

Update your home content insurance. Make sure that you are covered by calling up your provider and informing them of the garden office and the value of the items inside. Be sure to write down all the equipment you have so you can check your list if you are burgled in the future.

Be Vigilant and Careful

Take out any items that are easy to manoeuvre. You won’t want to disconnect your PC and monitors, but you might want to take the laptop inside the home at the end of the day.

Garden Office External Lighting

Add external lights that are triggered by movement. Lighting helps to indicate trespassers and works as a deterrent.

These Simple steps can help to prevent breeches in security and protect you if the space is damaged or broken into.


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