DIY : How To Get A Smart Home In Under Rs. 25,000

We are living in the age of the internet of things. With AI a reality and in many cases, affordable too, consumers can easily turn their home into a smart home for as little as INR 25,000. Consumers can now exert more control over their homes and personal space by employing a wide array of tech devices. Marvel’s Ironman’s 21st century home doesn’t feel like a distant dream after all.

Intelligent personal assistant: INR 8,999

By now you’re familiar with Alexa and the other silky voices of the hands-free, voice-controlled personal assistants that can play music and surf the web at your command. They can also control the lights, TV, thermostat, locks, garage door and many more smart home devices. For the price, it’s hard to beat the Amazon Echo Dot, which is compatible with many of the other smart home devices on this list.

Smart outlet: INR 2,099

A smart outlet is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to make your existing gadgets and devices smarter. Anything plugged into the TP Link Smart Plug can be controlled, automated and scheduled via Wi-Fi by a smartphone app. TP Link smart products utilize IFTTT integration that allows you to create “If This Then That” web-based programs that automate smart-home tasks with a swipe of a smartphone applet.

Smart light switch: INR 2,750

“Hey Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights.” Just like that you can flip the light switch without getting up off the couch or rolling out of bed. The app-enabled Belkin WeMo light switch allows for scheduling, combines with other smart devices and can be controlled remotely. Start slow with just one or two lights so you don’t blow your limited budget swapping out every switch in the house.

Smart LED light bulb:

There are plenty of smart light bulbs on the market, but they can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re trying to outfit your entire home. Companies like Wipro, Syska and Philips have different varieties across price ranges.

Smart lock: INR 4,850

A smart lock lets you throw away your house keys and unlock your front door with the automated proximity sensor built into the smartphone app. The smart lock gives you the power to grant temporary access to anybody who needs to get into your home while you’re away.

Wireless security camera: INR 2,999

The Godrej Home security camera is pocket friendly and comes from one of India’s most trusted brands. It comes with night vision feature, 1080p video and one year warranty.

Smart smoke alarm: INR 1,099

Why buy a smart smoke alarm when you can turn your existing smoke detector into one with a Roost 9-volt smart battery? The Wi-Fi-enabled battery notifies you of danger via a smartphone alert and can silence the alarm remotely. With a five-year lifespan, the battery silently tests itself and sends you status updates.

Smart TV: ~ INR 3,500

There are plenty of inexpensive ways to connect your TV to streaming content. Take your pick from Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku Express. The latest Apple TV costs much more unless you’re willing to settle for a earlier generation of the device.

Universal remote control: INR 1,000

Tired of having to toggle between three remote controls just to switch your TV from cable to Netflix? A universal remote bundles together your TV, DVR, Blu-ray player and other infrared signal-controlled devices. The Logitech Harmony controls up to eight audio-visual devices with a single remote.

While India is yet to see the entry of the Amazon Dash button as well, consumers can choose from a multitude of other tech offerings to get their smart home systems. We’re sure that tech savvy Indians have already invested in their favourite products.


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