DIY : How to Extend Your Home Without Calling in the Builders

Often, a home is the most important investment that people make in their life. Maybe you have outgrown your home but you don’t want to purchase a new home. You can expand your present home by putting on an addition to the house. In many cases it is less expensive to extend your home rather than purchase a larger home. You can construct your home addition if you have the skills to do it. If you want to extend your home without hiring professional help, then you will do all of the work yourself. There are several steps you’ll need to take if you want to expand your home.

Set Your Budget for this Expansion

Determine how much you can afford and then figure out prices to do-it-yourself. Decide exactly where and how you will spend the money. Include hardware, lumber, costs of electrical wiring and costs of tools and equipment rental. If you are adding a bathroom consider bathroom needs such as paint, decor, accessories and plumbing.

Do Your Homework

Decide how many rooms you need to add and whether these rooms will be extra bedrooms, a den, a bath or something else. It is much easier and less costly to add an extension to the first floor of a house. Play around with the plan and decide where to add the room on the first floor so that it will match the space you need. You can create a drawing and keep it handy so that you have something to refer to as you begin your project.

Obtain the Necessary Permit

A building permit and inspections are often required to put on an addition to a home, especially if new plumbing, doors, windows and wiring will be installed. Before starting construction, you must obtain a permit from your municipality. Find out the local ordinances and zoning restrictions in your area before beginning your addition. Contact the city hall or other appropriate office and obtain any permits that you need to expand your house. If you skip this step the fines for not adhering to these rules and regulations can add up to a significant amount of money

Shop Around for Good Deals

Do comparison shopping in order to get the best prices in materials because it will help extend your budget. But do not purchase low-quality or damaged materials just to save money. Get the highest quality materials you can afford. The Internet is a great resource when it comes to looking for the best deals so be sure to check online stores. When shopping online, factor in shipping costs to make sure the product doesn’t cost more than at a local store.

Start and Complete the Project

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start the project. You’ll need to choose a foundation system and then do the concrete pour and finishing. After the concrete has cured, you can start framing.


Purchasing a new home to have the additional space is costly, especially in today’s market. Rather than buying another home, you can choose to add extra space onto your home. It makes good financial sense to expand your home. Use these guidelines to help you in getting your project completed.


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