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As we all know people use to spend most of their time in bedroom, so it is very important that your bedroom is clean, hygienic and allergy proof. While sleeping you are in close contact of our mattress, bedsheets, duvets and pillows so it is very important that these items are disinfected on regular basis to avoid any type of illness. You should know that disinfecting is actually different from regular cleaning, as it will allow us to kills disease or allergy causing microorganisms just like bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is actually very important that you disinfect the bedroom on weekly or monthly basis. But if there is any patient living in the room then you should better disinfect it on daily basis.

Process of Disinfecting/Degerm the Bedroom:

For disinfecting the bedroom you should prefer to follow proper procedure otherwise incomplete cleaning will be of no use. Here we are discussing method of disinfecting the bedroom;

Step 1

Firstly, you should prefer to remove all the pillows, extra deep mattress protector double and bedsheets from the bed, prefer to wash the sheets and use fresh and cleaned sheets. While washing sheets make sure you wash it in hot water.

Step 2

Next thing that you should prefer to do is to vacuum the pillows and then steam them up or else you can also use steam and spray them for this purpose you can use a disinfecting spray until it get properly damp. After that let the pillows to get dried.

Step 3

After that you have to vacuum the mattress of the bed from both sides after that you have to apply steam on both sides or else spray it by using disinfecting spray until it get completely damp. After that you should leave the mattress to get dried from one side and then apply the same procedure on the other side as well.

Step 4

Other than that you should prefer to apply vacuum on the curtains and after that steam or spray them up by using disinfecting spray until it get damp. And after that let them dry.

Step 5

You can also use steam and disinfecting spray or damp wipes on other surfaces and places just like door knobs, sills of the window, on the pulls or knobs of the furniture and then in the same way leave them up for some time to get dry.


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