DIY : How To Create a ‘Hipster’ Home — Tips From A Brighton Dweller

Photo by James Baldwin on Unsplash

Brighton has recently been named the Most Hipster City in the World and with our abundance of vegan restaurants, vinyl shops and tattoo parlours it’s easy to see why. But with true hipsters being so mysterious, how do us mere mortals go about bringing this aesthetic into our homes? Fear not, as a born and bred Brightonian I have the info; from ironic décor choices to raw industrial backdrops, this guide will get you into the humble-chic club faster than you can say vintage typewriter.

Start with a raw, unfinished space

Image Credit: Charlie & Dot

The hipster vibe is synonymous with effortless cool and pulling this off means avoiding looking like you’re trying too hard. This is reflected in the basic hipster home set-up, with bare beams and exposed brick giving an unfinished, carefree feel.

If you don’t have any plaster-free walls or wood to uncover, aim for low maintenance Scandinavian minimalism. Where you can, sand down wooden floors and apply a natural wax to let the grain shine through. Paint walls in whites and cool tones and use wallpaper with caution; ironic 70’s prints for a feature wall are okay, but nothing too on trend.

Choose vintage over modern

Image Credit: Boak View Photography

Hipsters possess the self-awareness to avoid looking earnest and it is this that allows them to get away with their quirky styles. How can I pull it off like they can you ask? Buying vintage is the easiest approach; having the latest trendy sofa looks like you’re are keeping up-to-date with fashion (the antithesis of hipsterdom) but finding a slightly battered leather three-seater shows individual taste and a disregard for the mainstream.

When choosing your furniture, select unusual pieces with lots of character. Ideally, you’ll want your home to be filled with items that break the mould with jaunty angles and mismatched styles. Remember, if you’re a property owner aiming to attract a younger image conscious crowd without having to invest in statement pieces, home staging services can provide stylised furniture to kit out your property.

Keep a sense of irony

Image Credit: Studio Cockatoo

Hand in hand with not aiming to be flashy, is the hipster sense of humour that allows them to own a copy of The Catcher in the Rye and not come across as an angsty high school teen. Some of this demographic’s homeware could be considered too edgy or cheesy, but if you display it in an ironic manner it will look unpretentiously charming.

This is the time to embrace your guilty pleasures. Still secretly fancy Val Kilmer as Madmartigen in Willow? Get that poster out and display it with pride darling, you never know he could make a comeback. The same goes for your love of questionable country music and collection of bonsai trees. The idea is to stop hiding your kooky personality and display it without caring a hoot who sees.

Now put it all together

In a way embracing the hipster way of life is incredibly freeing, you can have everything just how you want it and forget about keeping up with the latest trends on Instagram. Strip everything back to the basics and start shopping for vintage one of a kind pieces. Then add your personality without worrying what other people think, which, in the end, is the essence of being truly cool.


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