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The bathroom door must perform several important functions. The main one is isolation. In rooms of this kind, a person psychologically feels himself unprotected. That’s why most of the doors are flush doors. However, designers advise to expand small sized spaces using various decorative elements.

When choosing such products always consider the moisture resistance of the material from which it is made. Permanent contact with humidity, steam and various temperatures adversely affects unprotected surfaces.

Ideal materials for bathroom doors

Moisture resistant MDF models

Did the door of solid wood catch your fancy? Then ensure the quality coatings are used. Despite the many advantages of solid wood products, they have a very high price. Is there a cheaper but quality alternative to such models? Veneered MDF doors are an excellent option. They have an inner MDF structure and an outer layer of veneer from valuable wood species in its construction. Prices for these materials are quite affordable, and the visual appearance is not much different from solid wood.

However, there is a small nuance. As mentioned above, the bathroom is a place where dampness and frequent temperature changes prevail. Therefore, it is necessary to choose doors from moisture-resistant MDF. This material:

  • has good resistance to mold and fungi;
  • does not deform with time;
  • does not contain impurities and resins harmful to health;
  • has high wear resistance;
  • provides a long service life.

Upscale coatings and reliable treatment protect the surface from humidity and allows the door to retain its original appearance even with prolonged use. An interesting choice of doors presented in the modern market will help to add individuality to the room. Moreover, it’s a great option for self-expression of their owner. A huge number of decor options won’t let any buyer to remain indifferent.


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