DIY : How to Choose Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Online According to Your Design

Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Pillows are an important thing while you decorating your home and rather then pillow covers are playing a most important role in home decor so when you are decorating your living room or bedroom lots of burden we have to manage so, here we are giving you some home decor tips that will help you to choose cushion covers

1. Pillow’s Shape & Size:

Throw Pillow cover comes in many varieties shapes and sizes so it’s up to us that we should select according to your Pillow’s size many pillows comes in different shape & sizes so choose according to your pillow’s shape and size

2. Throw Pillow covers Purpose:

We are using pillow’s for various purpose like if we are using that for sit on that, or we want for choosing washable easy care decorative throw pillow covers if pillow is going to be used often slept on, sit on, used as a support for you back & head, or played with by children

Artisan Crafted Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

3. Throw Pillow covers color & Design:

Most important thing is color and design this make us disappointed so go through our walls or sofa’s color if your sofa or wall colors are light shade paint then go with attractive and light dark color that combination looks pretty with each other and if you are thinking about design then if your walls and sofa are printed then go with simple and if they are simple then go with some printed covers that will make your home extra highlighted.

Olivia 18 Inch Artisanal Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

Suggestion: Very important suggestion that If you just can’t make your mind DecorShore is providing different type best covers so which covers to choose — Artisan Crafted Velvet With Hand Beaded Gold Rose Pattern, Dancing Snowflakes with Winter Holiday Snow Pattern, Olivia 18 Inch Artisanal Decorative Throw Pillow Cover, then don’t. Setting together decorative cushions of different styles and shapes really looks great! Nevertheless, to avoid too much clutter, try matching color palette, use the same fabric, or choose the same simple design but different shapes.


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