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We always have the need for home and house storage. Except current on-floor storage utensil or space, do we have any alternatives for better space utilization? Corner storage would be a wonderful idea!

Are you a recent new home mover? Or years house holder? Or apartment renter? No matter which type you are, you are always desperate to find place for items. Desk with drawers, cabinet, or wardrobe… No matter what those storage furniture are, you must just want more for your infinite belongings. Then we have something helpful you may need.
In conclusion, best storage solution at home should take less on floor space as less as possible. We want more floor space work for our daily activities. On condition they are just serve for stationary furniture or appliance, you may start to wonder is this a home for human. It seems to be a warehouse for what you have carried from supermarket or online. And our objects which in origin to serve us now exploiting us of our living space.

We, as householder, expect our home to be a harbor after whole day labor. Or a home shoud be the paradise for kids and pets to romp back and forth. Or the home should be a magic cube easy for all stuff placed in. Somehow the reality always remember to teach us a lesson that reality is prevail than expectation. We are exhausted by packing, folding, squeezing, cleaning… all about serving the home. These chores never fade and never end. We lost ourselves in this endless loop to create new item at home and find a place for them.

In general, we have some actual space to utilize. For example, on wall upper space above the floor. Or hidden space inside the wall. That sounds much like a traditional niche. Or a random corner. The corner could have a furniture which fit in that exact place.

Antique Corner Shelf Rack ULLS34X

Iron & Wood Corner Shelf Enables Efficient Corner Space Utilization

For a home space, we just take advantage of its floor space the most. So how do we take advantage of corner floor space? Like this corner shelf, with 3 support bars as the framework, it is triangle in shape. You will easily find a corner for it. As one of iron and wood furniture series, our designer try to combine antique industrial chic with peaceful idyllic style. Black finish iron bar frame is steady as well as stands for outcome from industrial age. Chipboard with natural wood pattern on its surface will remind you of naïve and joyous childhood life in pleasant village. It will be an ornament compatible with your original household style. With iron and wood element, it will be an actual furniture in your home more than a simplistic shelf.

With 4 tiers space, you can use it for your own storage solution or just for display. Each tier is available for 11lbs weight loading, so common items are all able to be put on it. Maybe a pot plant on the bottom to add some visual comfort and plant respiratory freshness. And then some photo frames on the lower to remind you of old days pleasant. Or some handcraft to show how intelligent you are to enjoy the life. Even just for storage usage, you can categorize and keep your items inside storage box or bin. And then put them on different layers to divide and storage.

Bamboo Nesting End Tables ULNT352N

Dual Bamboo Nesting Table Offers More Sense of Space

For this bamboo nesting table, it is just another art of wood from our designer. It draws inspiration from petals of clover. The designer would like to endow it with best wish for life. With it, users will not only benefit convenience from using it, but also enjoy elegant design and appearance for his life. Actually it is a table combination. With 3 legs support, two triangular similar shape will occupy your idle corner space. No matter in the corner on balcony, or just put it at the head of bedside, it just fit for that space under any situations. Taller table with one leg insert into fitting hole on lower one, the structure itself renders the extreme aesthetic from sense of depth.

Maybe a tiny décor on the taller one, and put a cup of coffee on lower one after a sip. Or with a rocking chair by the side, after several pages reading with a magazine or newspaper, you just put them on the table. And a cup of tea has already on another table within reach for you to take a break. And we never forget the scratch problem between the legs and floor. So the bottom of legs have been sleek processed. Hardness of bamboo will be fairly low than your original material of floor, so the friction between them will not harm the floor surface.

Some other corner storage solutions from Songmics

Open Drawer Side Table ULET54X
All Storage Shelf Solution from Songmics


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