DIY : How technology is helping women entrepreneurs in home improvement

One of the greatest opportunities a business owner has is the ability to determine their own business fate. When it comes to the gender gap plaguing America, this gap while prevalent, slowly becoming less of an obstacle as more opportunities present themselves to even the playing field for all companies. According to Forbes Magazine, “recent research from Thumbtack, a local services platform, points to a surprising new trend in women succeeding in jobs typically done by men. They have found that for their community of 200,000 small business professionals, the strongest growth was found in home improvement, including women plumbers (101%), electricians (74%) and handywoman (73%).”

This lowering of barriers in regards to business entry is helping grow female led businesses as jobs are now secured based on merit and not necessarily network. When it comes to home improvement, most home owners want to go with the best option and Thumbtack creates an avenue for newer companies to market themselves to potential clients.

As the platform grows, Thumbtack expects more women owned businesses to garner more contracts as 40% of the portal is made up of women owned small businesses. In addition women “make about 10% more on average than men on a like-for-like basis based on job.”


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