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Most of the things we use in our daily life come with manuals and instructions on how often to replace its batteries or how to maintain it, but what about paint? How often should we repaint our house?

The answer is — it depends on several things. However, if you want to keep your walls beautiful and shining, it should be a routine to keep repainting plan of your house in your list along with the painting budget. Read on to know when you should start thinking about repainting your exteriors again in Nepal.

As per the materials used on the exteriors

Materials used on the exteriors of your house determine the duration of maintenance it needs like wood siding needs repainting every three to seven years while aluminum needs fresh coats every five years. Stucco can be fine with gap of five to six years, while cement fiberboard siding can be fine for 10 to 15 years between paint jobs. Like cement fiberboard siding, painted brick also be fine for 15 to 20 years. Meanwhile, unpainted bricks just need cleaning, not get painted.


Not just the surface you are painting on matters but the climate also has impact on the durability of paint. For example, if your house is near a place exposed to more sand, sun, and air, the paint needs new coats sooner than in other climate.

Quality is, no doubt, the most important factor in the lasting of paint. If you try to save few thousands compromising the quality of it, it is definitely going to show up on your walls. So, if you used low quality paints last time, it is going to worn out faster, costing you more money in the long run.

Signs to look for:

If you have not painted your house in a while, look for these signs on your walls and if you see these, then know it is time to grab paint brush and paints or give a call to professional painter. The signs are if the wall paints is blistering, fading, peeling, is chalky or powdery, has patches, etc. Make sure to paint with high quality paints for the lasting and beautiful results in Nepal.


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