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In modern times, timbers that were once rigidly boxed into a particular use or application are now dissolving the boundaries by being used in many different scenarios. A great example of this is sawn timber in Melbourne, which has become a popular material for use in many cafes around the city that are opting for a more rustic and raw look for their fitouts and furniture. Once upon a time, sawn timber was only really used in situations where aesthetics were not a concern — usually as solid timber beams or rectangular timber sections. Other timbers, such as dried laser pine and dried dressed timber were more desired for visual purposes. The difference in these timbers really lies in their finishing; and is priced accordingly.

Sawn Timber In Melbourne

As mentioned above, sawn timber is definitely the most raw looking of all the timber finishes mentioned. It is sawn and then dried before it is treated, and is easily the most economic timber out of the three.

Dried laser pine is generally given a smoother finish than rough sawn timber, and after treatment is dried to reduce shrinkage. One of its great advantages is that It can be cut precisely to specification, within millimeters and is easy to paint. You can find dried laser pine used in decking, outdoor areas, and pergolas.

Known as the premium of timber finished, dried dressed timber is a timber that has been fully dressed all around. It is the smoothest of all finishes and can also be machined to exact specification, within millimeters. Aesthetically stunning, It is suited to polished and clean applications.

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