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Confused about spending too much time and effort by signing an Interior Designer? We agree that it is time-consuming, but only to the scope of it. Involving quite a few steps before getting into the actual designing, FabModula and most Interior designers provide the client with a timeline and a promise to fasten up.

FabModula, one of the top interior designers in Bangalore has broken down the timeline to make the designing process more clear and calculated!

1) Set up meeting to discuss and sign contract

This meeting is primarily to know the requirements and taste of the client. To get on equal grounds and carry on a smooth process ahead, getting to know the client and signing an agreement is important.

2) First design concept and pricing

Post visiting the site, a design plan is presented along with an approximate pricing for the whole project. Only after receiving entire or partial approval, the design process is taken forward.

3) Customization and required changes

Depending on the taste of the client, required alterations and additions are made to the design.

4) Final design presented

After approval of the final design, the design process begins.

5) Buying, ordering and commissioning the production

With thought given to each piece of furniture and with effective communication to the artisan, craftsman or supplier, orders are placed. Depending on the specificity of the products, the required time is calculated.

6) Installation after arrival

Getting everything moved in, placed and in perfect order is the final step. The complexity of the products determines the time required. Installations such as flooring and plumbing parts take more time.


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